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finding game tokens in dirt
pet aardvark in cage
Yard Treasures

Morning of April 22, 2015. Wednesday.

This is a recurring theme but usually with different events and different settings. I have had this type of dream since early childhood. It typically involves little else than finding things loosely buried in the ground or sometimes picking up and examining things that were on the ground in supposedly less accessed areas of a residence (though sometimes things are found under tiles or loose floorboards). Commonly, such "treasures" are Hot Wheels cars and in some cases, baby toys, board game tokens, or things I have made myself (even out of cardboard). They generally have a slightly different mood and awareness level as my recurring coin-finding dreams.

My family and I are living at our present address on W Street though the layout of the backyard is different. The tall wooden fence that divides our backyard from the neighbor's backyard only goes out from within the middle area so that there is open space both near our house and farther back towards the perpendicular back fence, each open space about four feet across.

The first thing I find is a small wooden box (with smaller compartments) that first contains only letters written by people of a dream journal site (to each other) that I used to post at. It is almost like looking at the continuity of forum activity but with physical elements (sparsely recurring concept - sometimes forum activity is expressed in dreams as personal notebooks by which the usually ink handwriting of different people somehow "teleports" from different pages in other notebooks to appear in each person's notebook - this idea was originally precognitive as now there are types of computers called "notebooks", though in this dream the "posts" are seen as separate letters implying postal mail).

Over time, there are thicker envelopes that I notice in the compartmentalized box (though actually they were not there previously). Two of the envelopes become thicker and turn out to contain clocks of the type that you need to wind up every now and then - they were somehow referenced by a member of the dream journal site being from a particular company and somehow materialized in the box just from the mention of it (I am not lucid at any point). However, I end up breaking both of them by winding them too tight, but which only takes a couple of turns to do this with one and the other already seems wound too tight, so that just turning it slightly breaks it. The sense of touch and motion in feeling the gears slip and spin within each clock is very vivid. I feel a bit frustrated, though, as I thought it would be interesting to have one on a book shelf. One of them starts ticking again, but stops in a short time.

Over time, many other items are found; mostly small plastic toys of different colors suitable for our youngest son. A lot of them are ball-like and sphere-shaped, some with a hole or notch to suggest they fit onto something else (perhaps a soccer player figure), a few with different crosshatch textures. Meanwhile, a menacing dog apparently emerges from a car and jumps over the neighbor's back fence but is not seen by us and there is no actual threat. There are two men in their backyard contemplating the event. There are also several unfamiliar children next door. They sometimes come into our yard. It seems late at night at this point though my dream remains semi-dark during much of it; the time changing inconsistently from scene to scene (as in many of my dreams).

At one point, an elongated bird cage is lifted out from being buried near the fence and then somehow elevated near the fence at about head level. (During this scene, my dream's implied time temporarily changes to late morning before illogically shifting back to nighttime again in the scenes that follow). It turns out to contain a small aardvark (which I or my wife perhaps had as a pet at one time but somehow forgot about) which is "obviously dead" at first. However, it comes to life and begins to walk around, apparently very hungry after all this time - its head nodding expectantly, and it moves like an animal theoretically becoming more "unfrozen" as time progresses. It supposedly is of the type that eats only soft seeds. We have various plant seeds around, but not soft ones and I think about what we could feed it; perhaps grass seed for now if enough taller stalks are around by the fence. (This seemingly has something to do with once reading in an encyclopedia years ago in real life that aardvarks can only eat soft-bodied insects such as termites and cannot eat ants due to their acidity and harder exoskeleton. However, most of the information on the Internet now conflicts with this.)

Later on, I become somewhat annoyed by two of the neighbor's sons (of around thirteen), who sit in the far side of our backyard near the fence - seemingly on our washing machine (which seems ill-placed and is in the house in reality), though facing away from our house and in an area to my right. I do not want to seem rude or aggressive so I do not pursue this impression of imposition and accept it as the neighborhood norm. My youngest daughter seems just a bit older and close to being able to communicate coherently and sits near me on my left. We are sitting on some sort of long bench or elevated wooden plank. The neighbor children give her a couple items, including candy. My youngest son is also nearby. There are other scenes where I find mostly board game tokens on the ground, including a chess pawn which I study for a time. It has some ambiguity as I am trying to work out if it is meant to be a person instead (possibly a Lego figure), as it seemingly has a "head" and a "body" but does look more like a pawn. (This is based on a real-life event where something similar happened. I even called it a "man" and placed it near a toy plastic tree for my youngest daughter.)

pet aardvark in cage
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finding game tokens in dirt
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