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wardrobe with secret drawer
supernatural television series
Third “Supernatural”

Morning of April 19, 2015. Sunday.

This is my third longer dream connected with the "Supernatural" television show in recent months that I know of but is not as detailed or defined as the other two and deals more with the actors working on the show (I am present during the filming) rather than the characters they play.

This appears to be acknowledged as a script I had worked on, which was enhanced by the regular writers of the show. It involves Sam and Dean Winchester finding an antique highboy in a mansion and then knowing it is somehow connected with unexplainable events concerning a monster, which is believed to be a griffin. Dean makes a sarcastic remark something like "Can't I just walk into a room and NOT find something like this?"

They find a secret drawer on the right-hand side that contains what looks like a factory hand restraint for a punch press though supposedly relates to some sort of medieval torture (and again, there is only one for some reason, not a pair). An older unknown male, seemingly a butler, approaches them and seems concerned about them touching the antique though does not seem emotional in any way. Supposedly, there are many more "secrets" inside the antique highboy.

After a time, it is realized that the "griffin" associated with the events and the antique furniture is actually a giant caterpillar that had been living in an underground cave near the mansion. This does not really make all that much sense because a caterpillar, giant or not, looks nothing like a griffin - although the griffin concept and connection may be based on documents and such and not actual sightings. There is not much drama, action, or resolutions of any kind to follow other than the vague idea that the monster may be shot by Sam without additional incident though it is possible it goes into hibernation. At one point later on, I am sitting at a table with other writers trying to come up with new plot threads. Jensen and Jared are laughing at some of the ideas.

As some sort of hypnopompic sequence, there is a rather dry but supposedly humorous conversation concerning the word "deaf".

Sam: "Is it pronounced DEF or DEEF?"

Dean: "What's the DIFF?"

supernatural television series
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wardrobe with secret drawer
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