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lizard as intestine symbol
flying and soaring
Flying and Soaring

Morning of April 17, 2015. Friday.

This was a flying and soaring dream with no drama or conflict, but which lasted a long time and is mostly just an exercise in flying over buildings and landscapes while feeling an enhanced sense of peace and joy. However, there is also a sense of certain "rules" related to continuous successful flight. One of these rules or perhaps safety tips is not to fly less than about four feet above the ground.

My wife is with me at certain points. There is a scene where I show positions in flight, one of which is a bit like swimming - and I even move my arms, though that is not during an actual flight - just some extraneous dream material, apparently, and a bit silly - as the actual flights do not involve such positions or movements at all. There is no point at which I become lucid, though it is quite vivid at some points. This dream has an entirely different mood than the ones where I take to the sky at night on my own and "live" in the late night air, continuously moving over the town (where there is no other human activity).

My second dream is one of those watching dreams where things are sometimes very realistic though sometimes change in odd, unlikely (or impossible) ways. This often involves looking down or looking at the floor more closely. In this case, I watch a large skink (a type of lizard) crawl across the cover of a book that is lying on the floor. I point it out to my wife. It is an interesting event as the lizard approaches me when I look towards it as if acknowledging my observation of it. I get a sense of dryness being an issue in this indoor environment and that the lizard may need water. I am sitting on the floor and holding a cup of water in my right hand and pour a small amount onto the carpet both near and onto the lizard's head. Oddly, the lizard's head sizzles as if a chemical reaction is occurring and little bubbles appear all around his head, especially the nose, and it seems to be suffocating though does not try to get away from the puddle. It seems I may have killed it by getting it wet or perhaps I had poured Coca-Cola instead of water. The lizard's feet seem to be melting into the carpet and it does not move for a time.

Finally, it moves healthily from the sudsy area and comes closer to me and appears to be whole and uninjured. This time I pour water farther from its head and it manages to sip some up from the tiny puddle and the carpet fibers. From here, it crawls off to my left. A cat's head soon appears to my left, at first seemingly interested in the water on the carpet, but I soon get the impression that the cat may catch and eat the lizard but this thought is not fully dominant (in fact, fairly passive in my dream state) and thus nothing actually happens (it is typical of dream-making states where vague thoughts or perspectives influence the dream's outcome - even in completely non-lucid dreams as this one). The skink crawls off - strong and unharmed. It is possible that lizards sometimes represent similar symbolism as snakes - that is, human digestion and the large intestine, especially in this case where the chemical reaction reminded me of baking soda for when people use it to help with indigestion. It may relate to a concern about the acidic nature of some drinks.

lizard as intestine symbol
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