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"Avengers Assemble"

Morning of April 14, 2015. Tuesday.

I never thought that I would be running around in a dream as Captain America and yelling "Avengers Assemble" numerous times (which I hear myself yelling quite clearly), though I am in this one, though as myself and proper ethnicity, apparently (and with my real-life name), not Steve Rogers. One would think that a dream this far removed from reality would have at least a trace of lucidity (or even a subtle degree of dream-making awareness), especially as it includes flying near the beginning, but such is not the case. Other than Captain America (I am the leader), there are about six others. My wife starts out as the Black Canary - which is actually DC, not Marvel (let alone an Avenger). Later, she is known to be the Black Cat (which is Marvel). There is one point where I am commenting on how beautiful her catlike eyes are - they do stand out with detail and beauty over every other feature of my dream at one point. The other Avengers in my dream are not actual Avengers for the most part other than I think Hawkeye and Iron Man (though they remain in the background and go off on their own at times).

About halfway through our adventures, on at least the second floor of a building, we find someone who wants to join us. It seems to be a male at first but he is only pretending to be a superhero in the sense of role-playing and his costume (mostly red and white) has a rather shoddy homemade look as well as his shield (which is irregularly shaped cardboard). Still, we welcome him into our group. He calls himself the Shield (an Archie Comics - Pep Comics character, not Marvel, though who came shortly before Captain America), and for some reason that sounds like a member of the Avengers, and he has a vertically rectangular shield in contrast to my round one. However, he has a bad limp in his right leg (apparently from birth) and can barely walk at times. Eventually, I see that "he" is actually a short-haired girl (or somehow changed into one over time - though the general appearance is the same). There is one point where I ask her if she wants the shield to be real and she says yes (which of course would be a good idea) and I simply nod my head and that act makes it real - and so now it is indestructible. We do have to support her (while she is walking) a couple of times, one on each side of her. (Oddly, I do not think to heal her leg.) It is likely that “she” and “shield” (”she hold”) are typical subtle in-dream transitional plays that I have experienced all my life.

I note my reflection in a window at one point, and it seems quite realistically detailed. At one point, two young males in beige trench coats in an alley fire machine guns at me but I hold up my shield and the bullets bounce off and kill both of them from the ricochets. The physical orientation and sense of touch seems quite enhanced as I hold the shield and I vividly feel the vibrations and sense of slight movement as I hold it.

Although I can fly, I do not later on while in costume, because I seem to remember that Captain America does not fly (truly weird dream "logic"). I do however fly near the beginning of my dream when I am not wearing a costume, though other people find this amusing and not unusual.

At one point in the last section, my wife goes to an area on her own for some sort of surveillance (in an alley in an isolated part of the city - the city of which is unknown, though some parts seem to take place in La Crosse) regarding a possible villain to see if it is safe or viable to go to a meeting they are having (though not directly related to our group). After this, we are all in a building on the third floor, I think. There are a couple businessmen on the first floor though I do not see them; I only hear the conversation and do not think it has much to do with us. For some reason, one of the members of my team (or possibly the implied villain - this is not definite) is experimenting with some sort of drug in the form of Kool-Aid or some such. I become extremely annoyed. In fact, I get so annoyed, I pick up their large refrigerator and fling it down the stairs. The overall detail and sound is amazingly realistic at this point. I consider this act as I watch the refrigerator go nosily down the stairs (the door opening and the contents spilling out) and even turn at the stairwell from the force of the throw, and am even aware that the businessmen have to move out of the way (though I do not see this happen). From here, I throw two other things down the stairs, including a cabinet and a storage box of some kind. It almost seems humorous. No one else reacts. I feel like throwing something else, but slowly wake.

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