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Partial Reunion

Morning of April 12, 2015. Sunday.

This dream is mostly uneventful. However, it is about the third dream recently where my older brothers on my father's side made an appearance, which is extremely rare.

The setting seems to be Barolin Street, though the layout is slightly different. I notice people I do not know in one room, though they seem to be implied as my family members at some sort of reunion. An older lady and a girl are walking around and doing something that seems related to setting a table, though this one is in the living room. Only my father's relatives seem to be in the house.

I walk into the kitchen and see a large table (there being more space in the north area of the room beyond the doorway than in reality). On one end, closer to the wall and the doorway, I see two of my older brothers sitting there; Rollie (still alive) and Les (deceased). In my dream, it does not come to mind at all that Les had actually died several years ago. I say something to Rollie (who is the closest to the corner of the room and farthest from where I am standing) about not having seen him for a long time, though in fact, he does not really look exactly like he should. His face seems a bit unlikely free of more defined features - the skin too smooth for his age, though he still looks very old (something to do with his eyes and lips), though not quite like a real human - even though I somehow easily recognize him as my brother. We have a fairly short conversation, with him doing most of the speaking, but I do not recall all of it - he does say the word "because" at least once and something about a vacation, I believe. (Once again, this dismisses the ridiculous concept that the mind "cannot make new people" in dreams, with the notion that people's faces you see in dreams must have been seen in reality at some prior point - one of the most absurd, ignorant, and pointless things I have ever heard or read in my lifetime to the point where I cannot even understand how someone could come up with anything so ridiculous. Anyone who has ever studied their own dreams in any honest way, even for a short time, will know that the mind is always creating entirely new faces - and then there are the dreams of centuries past where people saw various kinds of human-like "demons", along with various composites and faces too unusual to be entirely human - not necessarily "alien" or "demonic" either, but with mixed attributes that would not be feasible in reality, including near-abstract faces that otherwise seem human-like).

If I were going to assign any potential meaning to this, I might associate it with my living brother Rollie (and his present state of health, which I have no clue of), though I would not declare anything certain, as dreams related to him have not been that defined in plot or continuity in contrast to the precisely defined precognitive dreams related to my older sister Marilyn.

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