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iconoclastic definition
pile of items on bed
Searching Through a Self-Making Pile

Morning of April 11, 2015. Saturday.

Not much happens here. There is a pile of miscellaneous items on the bed, including handheld computer games, books (including board books for toddlers), a few small items of clothing, a few DVDs, and random toys - near the center, though not causing a problem for me as I am resting on the bed. I seem to have my eyes closed at times and yet can still search through the small pile, sometimes with my mind alone (without moving anything). Over time, the pile seems to change slightly as certain items appear or vanish. I am not even exactly sure what I am looking for, perhaps a particular book as I seem to remember a focus on a particular title which I do not remember. There is an abstract sequence where it almost seems relevant to what I am thinking; that is, I think of something not quite defined (such as an idea or phrase rather than an actual object), and it materializes but does not stay on the pile that long. Some of the items are actually completely abstract and hard to describe, sometimes with the property of being intangible and slowly sinking through other objects.

My dream becomes clearer before it ends, but only includes a scene where an unknown female brings her daughter into the room, declaring her to be "iconoclastic", which I am not sure of the meaning of in-dream. I think about the possible meaning, though am associating incorrectly, as I think of the concept of being goddess-like, though it actually means "criticizing or attacking cherished beliefs or institutions", though my dream did not seem to have any negative implications or feelings. I have had numerous dreams where words are used or established with wrong or "unintended" meanings, primarily due to the lack of conscious thinking and reasoning skills when unconscious, though, on the other hand, interesting and unique puns are sometimes established.

pile of items on bed
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iconoclastic definition
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