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young police officer in rain
cloaked figure
black rain poncho
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The Eerie Touch

Morning of April 8, 2015. Wednesday.

Curiously, this is one of the more disturbing dreams I have had thus far in my lifetime since earliest childhood (and there really have not been many), especially as it includes an intense body feeling I have only had once before in 1978 on the same date (that entry of which has been newly researched and more faithfully enhanced). How a very rare physical effect and intense feeling can be triggered thirty-seven years later (without any meaningful focus) puzzles me.

Most of my dream is somewhat muddled at first, before the extremely vivid last scene. I know it involves advanced technology and the theft of a new type of computer from a business. It seems to be taking place in America. The setting at one point is so ambiguous and distorted it is as if I am in the King Street boarding house on the second floor (northeast corner room with the cupola) and somehow seeing another part of La Crosse through the wall at street level (as if the wall of my room is invisible or transparent - and yet I am still aware of the "doorway"). It also seems to be night and day at the same time at this point.

Even though my older brother Dennis (mother's side) and some of his (unknown) friends are the ones planning to steal several computers and other more advanced technological items from at least two stores at street level (possibly including powerful but experimental prototypes not meant for public use), I seem to be the one suspected at the end while they continue with their next stages of operation, apparently.

In the last scene, my brother says something about the police being in the area, behind a row of tall commercial buildings. It is later at night at this point and there is a very light rain. I am in a more open area. The location's layout is unrealistic and unlikely. Though there is a row of commercial buildings behind me, there is no "other side" of the implied street, the police apparently being in an alley behind the buildings. The area I am in is more like a large park with a couple random commercial buildings just standing there off to my right with no parking lot or sidewalk entrance and the area ahead of me mostly featureless (though implying endless residential lawn).

Suddenly, a policeman (there being no others visible at any point) walks up to me to my right (and I am aware it is solely because of where I happen to be at the time, not relative to anything I had done), possibly only about twenty, probably a rookie, wearing a black rain poncho so that he strongly resembles the Grim Reaper. The association is rather off-putting, though the presence of this "menacing cloaked figure" is a bit ambiguous in terms of expectation. When he lightly holds onto my arm (I do not move away), my entire body suddenly feels like liquid fire throughout, an incredibly strange body-wide awareness, intensely realistic, without the slightest distortion in perspective of body shape and presence. This sensation only lasts for a couple of minutes but leaves me feeling strange and weak (yet also with an unexplainable unknown energy - almost as if every cell in my body is conscious and "melting"). I walk along as he holds my right arm with no sense of force and I casually say (with no assertive tone of protest in my voice) "I didn't do anything". The scene seems completely out of touch with my actual path in life (for example, I have not seen my brother in over twenty years) though is probably an augmented concern regarding mortality. I do have a sore throat and an ear infection when waking, as well as waking without the fan being on for the first time in months (though I do not feel overheated or dehydrated, though somewhat nauseous).

In my dream where I was swallowed by a giant rat and then floating within his stomach (1978), I was lastly in a horizontal position, in contrast to this dream where I was standing. This augmented sense of body-wide heat (having only experienced it twice in my lifetime) is rather puzzling. (There are a fair number of unusual in-dream events I have only experienced from two to a few times in my lifetime. I may do a listing entry at a future date.)

cloaked figure
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grim reaper association
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young police officer in rain
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black rain poncho
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