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speaking japanese
climbing steep stairs
damaged books for sale
Strange Book Sale

Morning of March 29, 2015. Sunday.

Yet again, I find myself within a dream and seem to have an “understanding” that I am making my dream (though not always based on current interests or recent conscious perspectives) - yet somehow have not the slightest focus of lucidity from the perspective of my dream self. For most of my life, I have wondered about that (including chase dreams where I remember deliberately creating the scene) and have never read anything that relates to my experience (or was relevant in any way), though it is true that I have rarely read or heard anything that seemed true relating to my experiences in dream work over a lifetime, something I have unfortunately dealt with since very young.

In this dream, I am walking up a very long and steep flight of stairs (both by my choice and my simultaneous creation of it - though again, not from a lucid standpoint). A few others (including at least one wealthy-looking old lady) are ahead of me. This flight of steps is so steep and high, I get a strong impression that I will not be able to go down them comfortably. (This is mainly due to the fact that I am facing a more solid structure as I am ascending the stairs, regardless of its unlikely steepness, but when walking down the steps, I will be facing open space, which has the potential of making me feel ungrounded and somewhat unsafe.)

Again, though I am not lucid, I decide that instead of using the stairs on my way out after I do what it is I have to do, I will teleport from the building down to ground level (more evidence that a part of me knows I am making my dream - and even analyzing the situation - other than my in-dream self).

I notice that, as I am climbing the stairs, the building I am in is like a huge cathedral. Eventually, I find myself in a large L-shaped area that has numerous bookshelves along all walls. Apparently, it is some sort of book sale, seemingly displaying both new and old and worn secondhand books. My wife eventually appears and looks over different sections.

A young Japanese male seems to be responsible for most of the sale, regardless of how large an area it seems to be in (about one city block, at least). At first, I talk to him about the books in broken Japanese. After a time however, I decide to implement an in-dream translator to where I can speak English and it will automatically be perfectly translated to Japanese. This “translator” even forms a holographic matrix around my head to display the correct lip positions for each word and syllable, so that it also looks correct - as if I am actually speaking Japanese to anyone watching me (or whatever language is needed - even several different languages at the same time - somehow compensating in the holographic imagery as well for each individual). This is actually a recurring “device” in my non-lucid dreams (since earliest childhood), yet more evidence a part of me knows I am dreaming, yet only in a very subtle manner in the background. My main in-dream self does not consider this for some reason; only “knows” about it.

The translator works both ways. I hear the Japanese male speaking English even though I know he is speaking Japanese. It is fairly loud and clear audio throughout my dream. I look over a set of small but thicker softcover books on a lower shelf that seem to be in a series and are about some sort of mythical monsters (a term I actually speak in-dream), though one of which looks like a triceratops on the cover. At first, I notice only book number four, but eventually find all of them so decide to buy them. I carry them around with me to another section closer to where my wife is.

I pick up one large hardcover book from a higher shelf and notice that the writing is very small and sideways on some pages and seems to relate to statistics, old census reports, or other government concerns. I then see that the front covers (though not the back covers) are missing from most of the books in this particular section including the one I am holding, which is also damaged in that the spine is at a slanted angle from the pages. Even though most of the books are in English, they may have been printed in Japan. I do get a lot of various information from the young male but cannot remember all the details, as there are a lot of different books I look at and talk about.

I then find a large book in the same area where my wife is looking around. It seems to be some kind of dream journal in the form of a novel. It is about a man and his wife and young daughter traveling over an isolated desert region in a station wagon. I read one entry about the drive over a particular stretch of hard, cracked ground and what was seen - the dream journal seemingly being from the perspective of the male/driver. I decide to get that one as well.

Finally, my wife and I are ready to leave. She has a rather large canvas bag (bigger than a typical backpack) full of books. Mine is smaller than a backpack. In order to pay, the young Japanese male has to put on a blindfold and determine the price by weight alone as he stands near the section we stopped at. I do not question this. The cost ends up being fifty dollars for both of us. When I go to pay, I see that there is about two hundred dollars in fifties and a few twenties in my wallet. For the third time in this dream, I implement an idea that seems to prove a part of me knows I am making my dream. Even though I have enough money to pay for the books, I mentally create an additional fifty dollar note on the other side of the twenties. From here, my dream fades. However, I begin to notice additional bills of odd amounts, such as a thirty-four dollar bill, a seventy-dollar bill, and several other fictional values.

climbing steep stairs
dream dictionaries
damaged books for sale
dream dictionaries
speaking japanese
dream dictionaries
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