8 years ago
buy a cessna
conspiracy theorist
"Buy a Cessna"

Morning of November 26, 2013. Tuesday.

In my dream, we are apparently living in the same building as VH, the infamous YouTube hillbilly conspiracy theorist who often seems far too cartoon-like to be a real person. Over time, I advise him on what he should have available to "prepare" for the supposed apocalypse (my family and I seem to already be in the lobby downstairs where he happens to walk into) - because in real life on YouTube, he is always telling people about different things they should have (regarding weapons and such) and what they should expect "soon" and fear for their lives as such (for example; alien invasions, supernovas, rogue moons, spies - both American and foreign, the sun turning upside-down; the list going on and on). He seems to be in an odd mood in my dream, clearly reminding me of a delusional alcoholic I knew years ago (Richard B, who was always screaming about prairie dogs coming out of mirrors and endangering his life as he went around warning people about "spies"). I humor him in passive ways as if I was acting in a sort of scripted movie or in a situation where I do not want to cause conflict when near a potentially crazy person. The main thing that comes out is advising him to buy an airplane - a Cessna - which I repeat a few times. I am not quite sure if he has the money, but this is surely what he needs or seems to need. It seems important that he gets the message even though I do not believe in any approaching apocalyptic threat myself. He seems to consider my advice and does not act threatening at ay point.

buy a cessna
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