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semi parks near our house
wife is younger with father
Earlier Meeting

Morning of March 17, 2015. Tuesday.

I am a teenager again and it is probably the year 1976. It seems to be very early in the morning prior to sunrise. I am aware that a gypsy man is walking south down Highway Seventeen on the opposite side from my house in Cubitis (rendered fairly accurately in-dream, which is atypical). He is apparently hitchhiking when possible. He has his young daughter with him who happens to be my wife-to-be in the distant future though I am not directly focused on that reality. When he stops in front of the S family house, he decides to leave her at my house so that my parents can look after her until he has enough money to establish a better situation though he seems sad at having to do this. (There is no association with her mother at all.) I am not sure when he plans to return.

A semi-trailer truck stops to pick him up. The girl stands near me on the carport as the truck continues southward. My parents do not actually make an appearance at any point. Curiously, I am not that surprised by this "alternate timeline" in afterthought. A huge amount of evidence, especially including an identical drawing after that of a female classmate's (too much detail to be by chance) as well as other drawings, poetry, and stories, and uncanny parallels to my own life, has convinced me that my wife had been remote viewing my life since her birth long before we made actual direct contact (and after we made contact, continuous unexplainable events unfolded day to day to the point where some people became angry - though my mother’s belief system on the nature of reality changed completely though in her case she was happy about it). Of course, that is only a small part of it as the girl in this dream is indeed the same one who appeared in my dreams in the actual 1970s and early photographs of my wife had confirmed this.

wife is younger with father
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semi parks near our house
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