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Picture in Orbit

Morning of March 16, 2015. Monday.

I am viewing everything from a disembodied perspective and appear to be in Earth's orbit. I notice at least one satellite fairly close to my implied position. After a short time, a simply framed photograph of my wife and me with happy expressions and from just below the shoulders up, the picture possibly a few feet tall, floats out from near the satellite (and closer to my view) and appears to have something to do with the satellite's function or intent (though I am not certain if it broke off from the satellite or was found by the satellite). I get a vague impression that the picture may have moved just out of range of the satellite and needs to be in a particular area, but there is no negative association or concern of any kind. Thin lightning or perhaps electricity comes upward from near the satellite, possibly from the satellite.

This dream may be based on associations with The Phantom Zone (as seen in "Superman" from 1978) in terms of imagery, though again, there are no negative implications or associations and the concept is quite different from my dream. My dream implies only a slowly rotating photograph (that moves outward from Earth's atmosphere) with positive associations and pleasant imagery, whereas The Phantom Zone implies actual trapped people.

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