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unusual politican
watching a cajun rally
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Morning of March 13, 2015. Friday.

The first part of my dream seems very impersonal and unrelated to what seems the second part of my dream (though there could have been a very short break between them).

It seems that I am seeing it all on a television. There is some sort of Cajun rally involving politics and a national news team, it seems. One male is apparently running for mayor (in Louisiana, possibly New Orleans) or possibly a higher office (it is an unknown male, nothing like Mitch Landrieu). He and the reporter to his left (my right as I am viewing the broadcast) seem quite different in presence and focus. In fact, the politician generates a very strong and unusual persona that reflects pure superstition rather than any sense of political premise. He makes a claim that if he does not win the election, all of the spirits of the dead will rise and destroy everything. The male reporter seems only mildly puzzled by these statements by his facial expressions, as if he only mildly doubts the politician's sanity, but does not say anything about not believing it. In fact, it does seem unlikely that the politician will lose the election, but that is not related to what he is threatening. The idea that he may actually believe what he is saying does not seem that unusual to me though I am aware that it is nonsense and the politician is possibly insane or at least empty-headed.

From here, there is a break into a completely different scene. I am hearing my own voice speaking the same phrase over and over - a phrase that is not relevant to any prior affirmation or scripting of any kind. I am standing fully in-body and am aware that I am deliberately saying it with a sense of meaning and certainty, even feeling the motions of my mouth.

"You project it and you receive it."

I keep saying this until I decide to ask my wife (who is lying in bed at first but somehow the couch in the front room immediately after) if she needs a doctor, because she seems to be having pain or discomfort in her lower abdomen almost as if she is ready to give birth (she is okay in reality). It is intense prior to waking, so much so, I am almost aware of at least the apparent pressure within her lower body having an effect on my perception and physical status as if it is acting as a wave that moves through the environment. The persistence and clarity at which I am saying this is somewhat atypical of this dream type. (I stop saying the phrase when she appears more in distress after seemingly teleporting to the sofa - I am standing near the telephone at the time).

watching a cajun rally
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unusual politican
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