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annoyed by development
Urban Refusal

Afternoon of March 12, 2015. Thursday.

This dream was based on an ongoing real-life event when I was resting in the late afternoon/early evening, except that my dream is an extreme exaggeration of thoughts I had previously, before I learned more about what was going on. The event involved a telephone company digging a hole right near our house and even blocking off our fence and gate and ability to leave our own backyard. There was no notification that they would be doing this and it is yet another good example of the thoughtlessness and imposition of modern society and the incompetence of the infrastructure in general.

In my dream, we seem to be living in a different region where urban renewal is going on. It seems as if we live in the downstairs apartment of a commercial building (which may also be connected to someone else's business) of some sort. The ceilings are quite high. The walls are concrete but the building seems to have a large crack near the front of it - related to the adjoining sidewalk and street. There is an area where you have to step across a crevice to go from the building's front entrance to the sidewalk. It seems some of the cracking was made worse by recent digging related to the so-called urban renewal and no one was informed about the dangers they would be exposed to if continuing to live in their own homes.

Kitty corner from our fictional in-dream apartment building is a house similar to the one we presently live in in reality. However, there seems to be adjoining apartments on one side as well as a large parking area in the back of the other apartments. An unfamiliar female and her older son live in the house, renting it. At one point, even though I am not lucid, I become more and more annoyed by all the digging and building activity going on to where I develop a sense of having special abilities. I decide to attempt to bring things back to how they were. At this other house, I lift entire sections of the sidewalk up using nothing but my hands and notice that the concrete is still somewhat soft and moist but still hard enough to pick up in larger pieces. I remove the entire sidewalk from each area of the corner in both directions and am able to toss it into the street where mostly only smaller debris is left. I remove all the construction fencing and smaller barriers blocking the area as well. For some reason, I also tell the unknown female that I will help her find a much better house in the area (even suggesting that I will create it out of nothing with mental powers). I tell her that I am taking control of the entire town.

At this point, a group of people (of about eight or so) who apparently serve me and my unwavering goal are lined up near the curb. They are all wearing some sort of black-and-white uniform. I notice my wife as well as male friends from junior high school and a couple unfamiliar people. I ask them how many people they have eliminated from the area and the report is twenty, although I eliminate several people as well. I do not do this violently, however (which I suppose is unusual considering how angry I am). I mostly only focus and wave my hand to cause their elimination - possibly teleportation to another region rather than instant death. There is one scene near the parking lot where I am talking to the unknown female and someone I do not see closes their back door as if they thought I was looking into their apartment (which was not the case - all I was aware of was a shadowy area near a screen door prior to this).

Near the last part of my dream, I somehow (using some sort of in-dream "magic" or mental will - though I am still not lucid) wave my hands to seal up all cracks in the buildings, including our apartment house (recurring). Parts of the entire building and areas of the street move to more properly adjoin and stabilize. From there I go on to refurbish any areas that were ruined by the so-called urban renewal project.

A few government buildings, including a police station, are completely and swiftly covered with large vines until only a park-like area is left. It is interesting how I repair some buildings while others are swiftly split up and crumbled into dust by plants. Everything seems to be going well at this point.

Most of this dream is based on real impressions and experiences (and a level of wish fulfillment) other than the ongoing imposition just outside our window. There was even a time in real life fairly recently where someone started to set up equipment and a lot of demolition fencing right near our house and fence. This was by mistake on this occasion, but by the time we got his attention (yelling directly at him had no effect whatsoever - apparently he was hard of hearing but we did not know this), he had already emptied the truck. He seemed to partially blame us for his ridiculous mistake - partly by living in a house that was vaguely similar to where he was actually supposed to go - apparently no address was given to him; talk about an insane level of incompetence. (Apparently we were also somehow supposed to know he was hard of hearing as well as knowing the exact moment he started unloading the heavy materials when we were in the house for a time and were not aware he was there at first).

annoyed by development
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