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computer keyboard trouble
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Keyboard Trouble

Morning of March 9, 2015. Monday.

Near the beginning of my dream, an unknown male is showing my two youngest sons a computer keyboard. It changes from looking like it has about half the letters of the alphabet distributed over keys that are about twice as big as normal to seemingly only having about six large flat keys over the entire keyboard (which is also flatter and somewhat larger than normal). At this point, it seems like a keyboard for a very old computer of at least twenty years ago (though that is an unreasonable assumption as the early Commodore 64s had much fatter keyboards, not thinner). After a short time, I ask him if it is a tic tac toe game. This is seemingly meant to be somewhat sarcastic on my part or at least humorous as there are only enough keys for an "X" and an "O" and usage of the four cursor directions. It seems unusual to have a large piece of technology which requires a monitor and likely the computer desktop itself just to play tic tac toe. I do not get a reply to my question.

Later, I am aware that there may be a bad storm approaching and am concerned about my wife not being back from the store. I decide to check the weather reports on my computer and the keyboard starts to buzz oddly and a small flame shoots out from the upper left corner. Eventually the escape key becomes loose and I see that it has wires attached to it which are shorting out. Somehow, the area under the escape key is wired in a manner that is directly connected to the power supply for the computer. Because at least one wire is broken the computer will not stay on and the buzzing and sparking on that corner of the keyboard continues until nothing works at all. I get very annoyed though my dream decays after this part. Rather than the computer monitor having a realistic display, it looks more like horizontal bars and snow from an analogue television experiencing a weak distorted signal or interference from a storm.

Because it is the escape key, there is probably a play on escape. Instead of there being a storm in reality it is once again unbearably warm - thus there is likely a play on "escaping" from this town or climate. It seems to suggest that the escape must be implemented to keep healthy as in my dream, the computer seems to have to be turned on or rebooted by pressing the [ Esc ] key.

computer keyboard trouble
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