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First Winchesters dream

Morning of March 1, 2015. Sunday.

This is, I think, the first clearer dream (though not lucid) that featured the actors from the television show "Supernatural"; Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (though I did have a short dream of the Castiel character some weeks ago which I did not post anywhere yet).

In my dream I am filming the popular television show with a small hand-held camera. It actually takes me some time before I realize that I am filming "Supernatural" and become more aware of the actors. I eventually notice that I am walking down the sidewalk near commercial businesses with Jared and Jensen (on their right) through a bland urban area in an unknown city. My dream slowly takes on rather strange imagery. The two actors have larger and larger mustaches when I look over at them. At one point, the mustaches look somewhat like three pairs of bird wings (at different angles) hanging down, like three separate mustaches growing and hanging over each other. It is an unusual though interesting "style" I reason. (The three ends on each side do not curve upward but sort of randomly point outward and down in three different layers.)

At first, Jared's three-tiered mustache seems rather mystical and almost creates an atmosphere of authority (and for some reason reminds me of perhaps an outlaw persona from an old western movie) and very unique personal diversity, yet it also seems "wrong" or "off" somehow, though this strange unlikely imagery and slightly eerie unexplainable feeling about the imagery does not trigger any level of lucidity at all. A little later, as they walk off towards their car, I notice that Jared mostly only has half his proper mustache with the other side (right side of his face) being a very thin half, with only sparse hairs. He seems self-conscious at this and casually covers up that side of his face at random moments. I am not sure how this scene relates to the particular fictional episode of the show, or if it is meant to be integrated as such into the plot.

Later on, I am filming near a large open vestibule directly facing a parking lot. The area does not look familiar though I consider it may be some kind of church. I hear a male mention something about the Winchesters in a loud voice from near the church-like building but I am not sure about what is going on. (It still does not dawn on me that I am dreaming.) An older wealthy-looking woman walks by and I notice some sort of minor disturbance. When I walk closer to the actors, the woman apologizes and says, referring to Jensen, that it is not every day that she gets to see God. This seems vaguely amusing and we all laugh about the remark. When I look down, I notice pieces of her necklace all over the street, both gems and beads and a couple larger yellowish diamond-shaped parts. Apparently, she had gotten excited upon seeing Jensen, absentmindedly grabbed at her throat thus tearing off her necklace, and then bumped into him. Nothing happens after this as I focus more and more on the broken necklace (as my in-dream awareness starts to fade), but I am vaguely wondering if she will even notice it or start to retrieve the pieces.

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