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persued by a swarm
buzzing in head
Flying Insect Attack!

Morning of February 27, 2015. Friday.

This is a very vivid dream with a couple atypical features, including the loudest audio I have heard in a dream in years. I am in bed with my wife as in reality. However, the room is different to the left. It is an open area for the most part, but there are unidentifiable yet somehow "familiar" cases of some sort all in a row, front to back, possibly about ten of them. I am not even sure what they are meant to hold (DVDs?) or if they are empty or not. It is possible that they are empty and we may be in the process of cleaning them or letting them dry out from being cleaned or perhaps accidentally having gotten wet. Other than the covers being mostly opaque, they have narrow horizontally rectangular "windows" on the front. I think they are also all partly open, or at least a few of them are. I am not sure if they contain pages with sleeves or if so, how many. Again, they do not directly resemble anything I have seen in real life.

My wife remains asleep the whole time I notice a sort of buzzing and shuffling sound which becomes louder over time. At least two of the cases have insects in them, but the type of insect is not fully certain (or there may be more than one type). One may be a large flying cockroach, or some type of beetle (or unnaturally large click beetle or Christmas beetle) or even a dragonfly. I get the impression that the insects have been trapped but are now able to find their way out. I am surprised by how loud their wings are in rubbing together. I get out of bed to see if I can find something to get them with but I end up running, as the sound I had been hearing is so loud, it is one of the loudest sounds I have ever perceived in a dream state. It goes from a seeming insect wing sound to an extraordinarily loud electrical buzzing that is almost like sizzling that I can begin to feel within my head - and it soon dominates the whole environment rather than having a seeming source. Insects do not bother me much in reality, but this one seems to have the potential to cause great harm. It does sound somewhat like a Christmas beetle but greatly amplified and expanded.

I wake up fairly quickly but there is nothing that could have triggered the sound within my dream - the room is actually very quiet except for the very low-level white noise of the fans. Rather than being annoyed by my dream, I am actually intrigued - and amused - by how one can perceive something that loudly and clearly in the dream state. I start to wonder how the brain can generate that loud of an imaginary sound - perhaps related to cellular functions or processes.

The last time I heard a sound of this particular nature was in a dream which was also involving my attempt to "run away from sizzling" - that had several layers of precognition involving 9-11 (long before it happened) and certain types of computer technology. (See link below.)

buzzing in head
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persued by a swarm
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