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members of my family
getting a new huge house
Driving to a New Home

Afternoon of February 24, 2015. Tuesday.

In my dream, I am firstly at our present house on W Street. Though I am not lucid, the theme of moving into a large new expensive house unfolds. At one point near the beginning, my wife buys an unusual rare breed of cat (while in town to otherwise collect a parcel at the post office) and had brought it home. It cost over three hundred dollars and I am concerned about the price at first. However, there are several scenes where I pet it in the house and it seems very majestic and tame even though it is about one and a half times bigger than a normal house cat and apparently has a wild breed as at least one grandparent (I mention something in-dream about how it resembles the bobcat hybrid my family had in Florida when I was a teenager even though the one in-dream is mostly gray). Cats sometimes act strangely in dreams, but this one acts very calm and is very realistically catlike in appearance and movement. The sense of touch is enhanced during this part, as I clearly feel the texture of its face and fur several times.

Later, my oldest son and oldest daughter decide to go with me to see the new house for the first time. A new car automatically drives itself to our present house (recurring dream event since young adulthood). From there, I just drive mostly west, feeling very happy and relaxed, but not really with the knowledge of where our supposed new home is. I drive across the grounds of what looks like a large (unknown) college, driving very close to the outer walls at times. At one point later on, I notice, to my left, three females who look very similar and are standing around together. They are skinny and sickly looking and are possibly prostitutes, alcoholics, or drug users or all of the above. I keep driving to the unknown location, not wanting to even stop in this part of the city now or at any time in the future. I seem to be going northwest at this point.

Finally, we seem to reach our destination. It is an extremely large house that is possibly the size of half a city block or bigger, although I think it is all on one floor. We go into a very large room where everything has a deep chocolate color including the carpeting and furniture. The walls have a waffle-like texture, seemingly covered by a cloth-like surface. There are four rooms with large plasma televisions. Even the kitchen has one on the counter (which is strange as my family does not watch much television). I feel very happy and healthy in my dream's environment.

Another male, seemingly a businessman and wearing glasses, is there in an extraordinarily large kitchen (as big as a restaurant), looking as if he is ready to leave and putting some documents in a suitcase that sits on the counter. I am not sure if he is the one that sold (or gave) me the house or if he had been here only to bring out the televisions or to check something. I ask him if he wants (or needs to borrow) one of my cars (apparently I have several new sports cars). He says no but he asks me if he can borrow six dollars. I give him ten dollars, telling him to keep it. He leaves without incident right after this.

From here, I look around more, exploring the western sections of this huge house. I walk through what seems like a large empty garage. A smaller garage stems off to the north from the main one that continues somewhat hall-like and westerly. There seem to be a few more garages within garages in different areas. I focus on the concrete block wall at the very west end and am glad the house is heavily blocked off from the rest of the neighborhood, likely soundproof as well as impenetrable. I am then contemplating going back and getting the other members of my family.

members of my family
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getting a new huge house
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