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fixing up a house
boards upon boards
Skewed Renovation

Morning of February 18, 2015. Wednesday.

My family and I are seemingly living back on Barolin Street though the house is somewhat different in layout. The side porch for the south entrance is much bigger and with an additional railing on the west side and there is a couch along the north wall where there is otherwise a doorway.

In my dream however, we are living in the house that is supposedly being fixed up (except, again, it is actually the house from our last address, not the one next door presently in real life). An unknown female and an unknown male are responsible for the endless tortuous hammering. The male has a ladder going up above the steps of the side porch that appears to reach the roof. When I look to my right after glancing out the side entrance, I notice a random cluster of a few boards of various short lengths nailed at odd angles to the railing, but only in one smaller area, which seems rather pointless.

In the living room, I notice the west wall has an unusual appearance. The narrower wall boards are horizontal and have longer gaps between them (similar to some areas of the floor in our present home in real life but with wider gaps). There are additional layers over the first wall of several very small boards nailed over it at odd random angles (but mostly oriented to the vertical), not over the entire wall but in smaller clusters somewhat suggestive of isolated rectangles overall, also suggestive of extremely sloppy patchwork. For some reason, this seems amusing to me and reflects the nature of everyman as well as humorously representing the person who has been randomly hammering various parts of the small house over and over for a year (since the end of February 2014). Still, I do not become lucid at the absurd appearance of the house.

Having endured months of random hammering (of various volumes, tones, and resonances) in the small wooden house next door in real life - related to a rather absurd and incompetent attempt at renovation (by one of those people who think they can do anything without the knowledge and skills), this particular dream was not really that stressful but more like comic relief in a way. In the recent past, the house had already been fixed up (almost to the point of being seemingly rebuilt) every few months after each tenant moved out - though this time, it is by far the craziest thing I have ever seen anyone involved in. They actually have spent more time in fixing it up than they have in renting it out over the last several years, though there have been many days of peace with the house being empty and left sitting there for a few weeks or more without anyone working on it.

fixing up a house
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boards upon boards
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