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giant flea
A Flea Story

Morning of February 13, 2015. Friday.

This was one of those highly impersonal and seemingly irrelevant dreams where I am only the disembodied watcher, although I am actually "on location" within the environment of my dream's story. It does seem inherently movie-like yet with the characters' motivations seeming to have real repercussions.

The setting reminds me a little of the first storey of the northern side of the house on Loomis Street, though as if rendered as a second floor of a larger building. There is a nameless man in a bed as if he has taken ill for a fairly long time. He has some sort of machine that projects holograms - possibly for entertainment or personal reflection - or merely to keep him company.

The first holograms are two (unknown) young girls that are projected into the room. I do not think they are fully "alive" or human-like in behaviour but perhaps are some sort of programming based on his real daughters who are elsewhere. They are partially transparent and fully intangible. I think they are there to give him hope while his real daughters are in school or some such. The girls are close in age but are apparently not twins.

Soon, there is a giant flea that makes an appearance, being bigger than a horse. It is not really a threat being only a hologram thus far and is also transparent and intangible. Oddly, it seems to represent an unborn son of the man's or possibly only a symbolic presence for the son he never had. Over time, the man seems wary of this imaginary projected creature. Unlike the girls, it seems to be developing its own programming and unique intent.

After a time, the giant flea wants to be closer to the man in terms of family but the man mostly seems to become more fearful (perhaps he thinks the giant flea will eat him should it become "real"). Somehow, an event occurs which does not really follow the supposed previously established rules of the holograms. This involves a different machine which is not plugged in. The giant flea somehow uses a holographic front leg to plug in the other machine which apparently makes holograms into tangible and real beings - this seems "wrong" in conscious afterthought due to the holograms being intangible and supposedly unable to move objects. However, much to the man's horror, the creature becomes solid and is now a "real" living presence. I do not feel threatened as a disembodied bystander yet also do not see or learn of the outcome. I do not think the giant flea wants to hurt the man regardless of the implied horror - I think he only wants to be the man's proxy son, perhaps until the man has a real son in the theoretical future.

giant flea
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