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finding coins in the ocean
mentally lifting sand
Underwater Treasure Hunt

Morning of February 6, 2015. Friday.

I am swimming underwater in the ocean, in an area between Antarctica and Australia. However, the map I view at a few different later occasions in-dream is incorrect. Relative to Antarctica, it has Australia in the same general location as where the bottom of South America would be in reality (rather than the other side). This incorrect concept and related vivid imagery does not trigger any thoughts of error at all. The map's location is not defined; it is more like a dream within a dream that I mentally visit for some reason, though looking somewhat like a computer monitor. I am looking for millions of dollars in old coins at the bottom of the ocean. It actually seems like I am only about twelve or so feet underwater at the most. Most of the ocean bottom is white sand and light-colored rock.

There are pirates rather loosely involved in the plot, but there is no conflict and the group only appears a bit later. However, there is one male who is tied to a weight or underwater object in a way where his head is just able to remain above the water. This seems like some sort of punishment (I am not sure if they are intending to come back for him). I try to help him while I maneuver in a small boat but am unable to.

It is quite enjoyable exploring the underwater realm. I am still able to breathe somehow, without any gear. I find everything from fairly modern pennies to Spanish Doubloons, which I hold in my hands at times, some of the coin types being in clusters on their own in certain areas. I am "collecting" the coins and occasionally other items, which also apparently end up in an undefined additional realm, like some sort of abstract "pocket" location somewhere. (I do not see them again after I "collect" them - I am apparently teleporting them to a safe location where I live.)

At one point, another male swims with me. I think he is the captain of a ship but I am not sure of his identity or whether or not he is actually a pirate. He may actually be connected to the British Navy. At any rate, he seems to have only mild interest in the treasures on the ocean bottom though I do have a vague sense that others may be exploring the area and taking coins and such in a day or so. I want to find as many as possible before others arrive.

There is one smaller cluster of about five silver coins that are actually fake Spanish Doubloons. Several real Lincoln pennies are also closely scattered in the same area with various levels of brighter shininess down to dull coppery matte. The other male does not seem impressed by the cheap replica coins and I feel slightly embarrassed when I pick them up to show him. He seems to want to focus on these rather than nearby very valuable coins.

Other than various types of coins, there are also old pocket watches here and there (association with time being valuable, making sense of time, or time in investigating dreams being valuable - being underwater represents exploring the deeper levels of the self).

I am not sure if the submerged man is going to be freed (he possibly represents everyman or how I see everyman), but I greatly enjoy exploring the ocean floor. Oddly however, I do not notice any fish or aquatic plants at any point.

finding coins in the ocean
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mentally lifting sand
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