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buying small food items
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Bubble Cars and Pricing Hijinks

Morning of February 3, 2015. Tuesday.

The first scene relates to buying a few small food items in an unknown store but which vaguely reminds me of a small music store in La Crosse. I have two cinnamon or jam rolls and a plain loaf of bread and something else, I believe. The cashiers or owners are not behind the counter but instead, sitting out where the public is shopping, on a table or crate . They seem to be two of my foremen from the factory that made Ford Taurus parts from years ago (one who shot himself). Pat says that the price (for me) is eighty-nine dollars and I believe either eighty-nine or ninety-eight cents. They seem very amused by charging me this much even though my items could not be more than ten dollars. This makes me really annoyed and I start knocking everything on the floor and leave after hearing something about "eighty-nine million dollars".

For some reason, they decide to follow me (leaving no cashiers at the store?) yet do not seem angry. I then have a very small white van that is somewhat like a bubble car but with special defensive features like bulletproof glass and rocket launchers underneath the chassis. A fictional dream character joins me in the seat next to me; the somewhat Christian-Slater-like character from years ago. For some reason we ritualistically put black ballroom (masquerade) eye masks on. I am enjoying myself driving around for awhile.

I am not lucid, though still have the long-term-recurring awareness that I can call upon any character or vehicle to come to wherever I am (such as in defense). In this case, it is with a watch on my left wrist. However, I check for it and it is not there - I only feel my shirt sleeve and no object underneath, though I am not that concerned. It is fairly common in dreams to be "missing" something and "replace" its function or purpose by thought alone even without any trace of lucidity (something I have always found interesting).

Later, my wife has a car that is somewhat like a custom purple 1950s Ford Bubbletop "Beatnik" (though also reminds me of the 1968 Hot Wheels Silhouette which I had two of). Somehow, some work has to be done, which causes frustration over time. I have the front bumper separate from the car later on and am trying to work things out.

The bumper seemingly has missing features on one side (though not directly on the end somehow; a little more towards the middle) and is very asymmetrical relative to a portion of diagonal grill on one side but not the other (in reality the grill is apparently only all grid-like squares, not with any diagonal bars). This does not make much sense, as it is supposedly one solid section (or at the most, two, attached) so how could it be shorter and more asymmetrical over time? - in fact, it seems shorter and more asymmetrical every time I consider putting it back on the car (as if I had somehow lost or mentally "eaten" part of one side each time yet while intending to make it complete again with the remaining outer pieces somehow ending up back together as one solid piece). Even though I am not lucid, I eventually get so aggravated by the asymmetrical form of the front bumper that I just somehow mentally create a new complete car prior to waking.

As many years as I have been working with dreams, it has been only fairly recently (over the past five years) that I have more closely noticed an odd sort of repetition in often subtle doubly recurring elements in a two or three-day period (but which are not related to dream events in the same way each time). Sometimes it is barely noticeable unless everything is well-documented. In this case, it seems to be the number eighty-nine for some unknown reason. In another case it was the act of patting someone (a different fictional dream character each time) in a particular spot near the left shoulder. As yet, I have not habitually linked these occurrences. I do not know if there is any reason behind this other than residual associations perhaps relating to the dream journal itself (or the memory or review of the previous dream).

I suspect that the car bumper relates to teeth, as I have a new cavity behind a front tooth on one side, making a ridge-like sensation when my tongue touches it, which is becoming quite annoying.

buying small food items
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