almost 7 years ago
holes in balloons
blue and red balloons
Impossible Balloons

Night of January 24, 2015. Saturday.

I am not sure where I am but I hear at least three girls talking. I am aware of at least two balloons floating about on their own; one red, the other possibly a lighter blue. They are apart from each other, one slightly lower than the other by about one balloon height.

I get the impression that a fairly complex design (such as a funfair scene - including one with a picture of a balloon on the balloon) had been "carved into" or "engraved" on each balloon. There may be some sort of stencil that can be used to do this. Of course, cutting into a hovering helium balloon is not really possible and even if the balloon had slits in the form of an implied drawing, it could not be blown up. (Of course, if the "drawing" was complete where a cut represented each line it would just fall to pieces.)

I puzzle over this, not knowing if it is "real" or not; vaguely confused, but unquestioning.

holes in balloons
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blue and red balloons
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