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box with snakes in it
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Crate of Kraits

Morning of January 22, 2015. Thursday.

I am "locked" for quite some time into a seemingly perpetual vivid lucid state, especially near the last section, which shifts into higher clarity exponentially - a partial repeat of an earlier state where sensuality was enhanced and sustained for an atypical length of time, but my focus begins to wander a bit. I find myself on Loomis Street, though it is a larger version of the house. A sense of danger automatically penetrates my dream's perspective at first, but because I am lucid it is more like a folly. It is something to do with a play on "kraits" relative to "crates".

A smaller black krait (venomous snake) appears in the living room. I pick it up and it eventually bites me but I am not remotely concerned (even feeling the pain) and even study the fang marks on my hand, which soon fade. This dream scene repeats at least six times, as if "resetting" but with minor variations, including the species of krait. Members of my family are there including Marilyn (deceased). I am fully aware of the venomous nature of the snakes, but have no concern, as I see them as in-dream "glitches" or "forced drama", where the mind typically creates an imaginary problem or pointless fear as a challenge (or for deliberate self-limitation) of sorts.

At one point I cut the snake's head off after it bites me and it slowly dies, but I put the head back on and it comes back to life and bites me again (a scene likely influenced by a similar event from "Castle of Blood" from 1964 - one of the only movies that ever held my interest over time). Not that impressed, I put the head on the tail and the tail on the head. I am still not impressed. The snake still acts normal at that point.

I go into another room and find a large "crate" which is eventually more like a toy box or hope chest. This is apparently where the kraits came from originally (though it turns out that it is the mattress producing them). The large wooden chest is filled with numerous variations of plastic simulated human bones, including skulls, and some model organs. I am somewhat annoyed that I cannot find real bones in the chest and spend a bit of time looking at the somewhat amazingly rendered pieces, especially with regard to the diversity. My dream then goes a bit strange, more vivid, and highly atypical.

I am lying in a bed near the chest (which is at the head) and the bed becomes like viscous liquid, an actual "primordial soup" though I still automatically float atop it. The vivid perception seems almost "impossible". From lower within the mattress that is seemingly made of murky water somehow kept in shape arises another krait, in a horizontal stretched-out position, which I pick up and twirl around in my hand and then throw it on the floor, unimpressed. This happens numerous times. I look at a certain area of the surface (which seems slightly magnified) and clearly see almost the exact same shape repeat each time in its emergence and I question whether or not this can even be possible. It also frustrates me somewhat. Somehow, it seems too "perfect" to be able to be rendered in-dream in this manner so many times in a row. However, the snake emergences eventually turn out to be short lengths of burnt rope now and then, or weirder, part snake and part rope a couple times (that is, a rope with a snake's head or a snake with a piece of rope as the "head").

Eventually, the "snake" that rises up within reach is actually a small branch, which crumbles slightly in my hand like ash, which I also toss to the floor. Still, there had been something about the imagery forming that seemed like tapping into a part of the mind I had never encountered before. I eventually decide that these "snakes" are just "pieces of shadows" and I seem to be right. I "pick up" the next "snake"/shadow and it does not seem to actually be there even though it moves about somewhat snakelike before separating into several smaller cylindrical ash forms that mostly dissolve. It was almost like somehow picking up the crest of a wave and giving form to it by thought alone.

box with snakes in it
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