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heron on window sill
flying through fog and clouds
Making the Jump

Morning of January 21, 2015. Wednesday.

I seem to be in La Crosse, but over time, I get a vague idea that I am not where I should be. However, I am not fully lucid at any point even though I regard my environment as if being in a dream. This is a fairly common state since early childhood but it is not of a fully conscious awareness as in vivid lucid dreams or scripted dreams. Another male is following me but is being more of a nuisance than being directly threatening in any way. Still, I decide that something needs to be done. In the back of my mind I seem to understand that I should physically jump out of my dream and try to find a different one. I eventually reach an area that is mostly like a cliff. I get the idea that the other male may just be coincidentally following me due to having some of the same interests, including jumping out of his dream. Still, I want to be on my own. The Dionne Warwick song "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" keeps playing in the background in this and a couple other dream sections (likely due to having heard it on "Helix", which my wife and I had watched five episodes of on DVD just before - though I also played it on keyboard when younger).

The area I end up near is like an ocean of fog below me and reaching up to near where I am standing on the cliff. I sense that I am very high up. A version of the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen even though I am likely in Wisconsin near the Black River (for some reason, the Golden Gate bridge has replaced other actual bridges in a particular area in dreams). I also get the impression that it may be a newly bilocated version of the "eternity bridge" (a recurring dream feature since early childhood). I do not recall the bridge being rendered in Wisconsin before. It is normally bilocated from an unknown jungle and rendered over the shed in Cubitis, west to east, though the directional orientation seems the same here. It also seems I may be in a particular location on French Island (Wisconsin), but much higher on a fictional mountain or greatly elevated area. I decide to jump into the thick light-colored mist.

When I leap forward, my body takes the exact form and feeling as if doing a parachute jump, face down, and remains as such for seemingly a few minutes. I do not see anything in the fog as I move downward through it. I feel very good as well as safe. After a time, I take control and am able to fly precisely under my will at a particular held altitude. However, I sense that the other male is still behind me (though by a fair distance such as a full city block at least), perhaps with the intent to ask me a question or set of questions. I do not feel like giving anyone advice or anything so I fly "under" a "dream barrier" of some kind hoping that he goes elsewhere from there. I am not yet sure of his identity. He may be Don K who had appeared in another recent dream.

The "barrier" is a very old larger apartment building that is floating in the air within the fog with the bottom floors missing (recurring concept). I go much lower and then fly under it and through the empty area where the lower floors would otherwise be. The fact that I am flying under a large floating partial building does not trigger higher lucidity, but I do contemplate its nature with false logic. I get the idea that I am then entering another dream region once leaving the proximity of the building and the male following me will now end up elsewhere, far away from where I am going.

My dream shifts into a present family setting. I am aware of the large number of books we have in the house, likely far more than anyone else in the region. I decide that maybe we should give a few away to make some extra room. I find myself looking at an older Donald Duck story (with Huey, Dewey, and Louie) in a book somewhat like a Little Golden Book but a bit larger. I actually end up reading the entire book and contemplate if it should go into the giveaway pile. It is not that coherent. There is a part where ants ruin a picnic and another part where a heron-like bird has the power of invisibility within an arched window and plays tricks on passersby.

heron on window sill
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flying through fog and clouds
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