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watching movies
near a train station
Intramovie mishaps?

Morning of January 17, 2015. Saturday.

I am not very focused in my dream but seem to have been watching a movie or series of shorter movies. One of them has a scene with my wife when she was much younger but the role is actually played by someone else - an unknown actress. In the scene, she meets with her best friend who is also played by someone else. There are other people around in the outdoor public area in the movie scene. I get the impression it is near a train station and in the afternoon though I am not sure of all the details. I am not sure of the name of the movie or of the overall plot though it is probably about Nimbin Australia in the late 1960s. I believe my family and I are watching the movie in our present home.

However (when my dream shifts at one point), once again, I find myself living back in the King Street boarding house where I had not lived since the 1980s. However, there is no in-dream prior association with any of my past apartments as my dream scene seemingly starts when I am at the top of the front stairs and looking downwards. Two men had been knocking on the downstairs front entrance, though oddly, I get the impression it is at the porch entrance (which has no doors) and so they remain on or near the outer steps or lawn (the porch layout is rendered incorrectly, the entrance being more centered instead of more to the left from the inside view - and in reality, it would be unlikely to hear someone knocking in that area). It is something to do with my wife's friend having been run over by a truck - I am somehow already aware of this before I talk to them. I am not really sure what they want with me. It seems to be late morning at this point. There is some sort of strange three-tiered emotional perspective - the event having already just happened, being yet to happen, and happening at the time I am talking to the men (just behind them on the street - though I am not focused on anything that looks like an accident). I do not immediately recall having this particular level of perception in a dream before. It may be an influence from movies that have non-chronological sequences.

When I begin to talk with them, the one to the left shows me notes on smaller paper. I look at it and get the impression of a couple hand-printed paragraphs but he does not give me any time to actually read it even though his attitude is as such that I had somehow read it that quickly. The other male asks me questions on it as well but I mostly do not know how to respond. At any rate, I was not a witness to the event; at least I do not think I was (regarding my dream's potential "back story").

The person actually was struck by a vehicle (though lived) but that was a few years ago.

watching movies
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near a train station
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