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Star Trek Post-It Novel

Morning of January 14, 2015. Wednesday.

This was one of those tedious reading dreams where I spend more time reading than being actively involved in anything, although the story does play out in actual scenes at times.

Mostly, it involves a "Star Trek" novel written out in print (by hand in ink) on Post-It notes. The notes are in a large pile, mostly in order at first. About three-quarters of the way through though, the pages seem a bit out of order and the last section is possibly flipped around in the opposite direction (with the writing on the opposite side to seemingly indicate this).

The story "comes to life" both on a television in an unknown room I am in and I also am sometimes seemingly at the scene (of the actual story as a potentially interactive "movie") for shorter periods. I see some sort of poster or page from a magazine of a young William Shatner which reads "Trek Star". At first, the letters in the title seem ambiguous or intentionally "disguised" as other words. Also, it almost seems like the novel is supposed to be "disguised" so that people will not realize (perhaps at least at first) that it is a "Star Trek" story - and the "Trek Star" title is apparently some sort of (rather obvious) clue that it is - once a person can see that it actually does say "Trek Star" as a supposed hint. I see Christopher Lloyd as a Klingon at one point. I hear the name "Kirk" (though not "captain" at any point) fairly often as if that is supposed to be another clue before it is more clearly a "Star Trek" story.

One scene where I seem to actually be present relates to an event where Kirk is on a planet and has dealings with a few Freakies (from Freakies cereal) who are trying to help him in what seems like a possible court martial, though it looks like a normal court room at one point. Kirk mentions how the freakies were not members of his crew though they seem to think they are honorary members or some such, which is why they want to help him. The whole story is not that clear. It may be that the Klingons have invaded the Freakies home world.

At any rate, it becomes a bit tedious to read each paragraph on each separate Post-It note. I am not even sure where the stack of Post-It notes came from. When I get three-quarters in as mentioned earlier, some of the pages are also either blank or very slightly reflective bronze-colored on one side. I start to look through the rest of them but my dream loses cohesion at this point. I do carefully flip each page over onto the ones in the pile already read, which remains on the floor for the most part, though I sometimes pick it up. The remaining pages are in my left hand.

fictional star trek novel
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