almost 7 years ago
and sorting newspaper pages
i am sitting on the floor

Morning of January 12, 2015. Monday.

This dream was of not much interest to me. I am still "going back to King Street" after over twenty years. It is always different, however. This time, my apartment (or the pinhead's apartment I may be visiting at the time) is near the space which the large bathroom was in reality but farther southward. The pinhead (Leonard S) is present and mostly stands to my left without doing or saying much and there is seemingly not much furniture in the large room.

The activity is somewhat unclear - though it is related to an apparently important task involving sorting. There are several low stacks of folded newspapers (from different time periods, possibly relative to a ten year time period) over the floor in at least six or more piles to my right and at least four or more to my left. It is possible that they are only about two or three newspapers high or there may in fact be only one newspaper in each position. I am aware that there are many more newspapers to go through in whatever activity I am involved in. My landlady (who lived to be over a hundred in real life) comes in, seemingly slightly annoyed, but I do not think I am doing anything wrong.

It is possible that I am involved in scanning all of the pages or certain features of them - such as the comics only (or at least sorting them more precisely somehow, though by what relevance I am not certain), but if so, it seems I am doing it mentally - yet still possibly sending it to a computer file somewhere (apparently to save space). I notice that some top pages are showing typical clusters of paragraphs related to actual news (with some black and white photographs here and there) and other top pages are mostly showing columns of daily comic strips (I notice a "Wizard of Id" strip featuring Spook, the hairy dungeon prisoner). This is in about a fifty-fifty proportion overall. Not much else happens. The floor remains covered with newspapers as my dream loses cohesion.

i am sitting on the floor
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and sorting newspaper pages
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