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horrid yellow pants
Altered Timeline Conversations

Morning of January 10, 2015. Saturday.

This is another dream where I seem "absentmindedly" lucid (though not as aware as being the dream-maker as in other dream types), but not fully lucid to where I actively alter the rendering in any way. I have been focusing on the various levels of perception types in dreams a bit more than usual, but I think that minor variations are too numerous to pinpoint.

This dream mainly includes my brother-in-law Bob (still alive), a sister (his wife), another sister (Carol), my mother, and several other people that are not as much to the forefront of the theme. Mostly I talk to them about their status of being alive or deceased at certain times (mostly in reference to the future), which seems a bit odd as they are all seemingly younger and healthy at this point. Apparently it is June 1995 in one part of my dream (likely because I just included a June 1995 dream on a recent entry on two sites, that being "Rainforest Portal"). At one point, I vaguely perceive that it may be 2001. (To regard that there are actually twenty years from 1995 to 2015 seems almost preposterous to me even though it is true. This probably says a lot about my perspective and general perception of time. My wife seems as beautiful and young-looking as ever.)

My relatives do not seem that annoyed by my reporting of when they will die. I do tell one sister to take care of her stomach and with another, I mention her gall bladder. I even tell my brother-in-law that he is still alive. There is a brief idea about the old photograph that shows two of my brothers and two of my sisters on my mother's side. Whether or not they will "remain" in the photograph is mostly only in the back of my mind; likely a "Back to the Future" influence. If so, only the youngest boy will be left standing (the only one still living).

In the back of my mind, I am trying to remember what year it really is, but cannot; typical in-dream amnesia, I suppose, though I am only mildly frustrated by this inability to determine the nature of the supposed time period (a contemplation of which is fairly rare in my dreams). I experience mild sadness about knowing their fate but it is not that dramatic. However, I sometimes find myself going over in my mind regarding who is alive and who had passed away when I am in certain semi-sleep states, which likely carries over into certain dream states but in a more unusual way where they are all "alive" for a time.

There is another section to my dream involving my mother. I first see what looks like a smaller bearlike creature squatting near the periphery of a garden just off the walkway from the side of a house. After a short time, I realize it is my mother (who looks more like a "real" version of Loweezy from the "Snuffy Smith" comic strip), this being one of those times when any symbolic association actually reveals itself within my dream. (Bears have sometimes come to be representative of my mother in childhood - big and threatening at times but still very protective of their cubs.)

Finally, I am to get dressed for some sort of event, though I am not certain if it is for a wedding (of possibly an undetermined relative) or for going to school (as a young student - apparently my perceived timeline has shifted again). I have newer clothes loosely scattered under a bed (apparently recently bought by my mother) which are supposedly suitable for me. It is only a minor annoyance to have to reach under the bed (which I think is in the carport of my Cubitis home, north to south) and slide out what I want. After I undress and begin to dress again (including putting on a nice blue shirt), I eventually grab a pair of blue jeans and put them on. In a short time however, I see that they are actually yellow dress pants, which makes me cry out "Blech!" in my dream (though there is no one around at that point). I take them off with great annoyance (and near disgust) and find a new (and unfaded) pair of jeans. My dream loses coherence before I am fully ready to go wherever it is I have to go.

horrid yellow pants
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