almost 7 years ago
wearing a gorilla costume
Holy Remains and Bulletproof Gorilla Costume

Morning of January 8, 2015. Thursday.

My family and I seem to be living back in Brisbane on Stadcor Street. The annoying neighbors are seemingly ones we have had more recently, though. I am looking at a magazine but sometimes seem to be more present at the actual location where the (mostly newer and in color) photographs were taken, but not with any interaction or acknowledgement of my presence by anyone in the photographs. At first, there are a few images of a younger nun looking at a mummified nun that had been placed near a doorway (to the right of it). It is in some sort of catacombs directly linked with or inside a larger church. Later on, there are platforms that display mummified bishops, cardinals, and popes. Many are well-preserved, but there is one where the back is arched and the head turned back at an odd angle with the mouth wide open. It is mentioned how some remains had not been maintained during certain time periods or within certain groups. Some bodies and heads are much more skeletal than others. This possibly represents my complete disinterest (since early childhood) in anything relative to churches or organized religion. Mummies and statues seem to have similar in-dream meanings, though oddly enough, statues have proven to be more likely to come to life than mummies. I think statues reflect stronger or more recent associations with potential of what they represent while mummies represent non-potential. In fact, one of my first better-documented lucid dreams as such (from age four) related to the statue of "The Thinker" coming to life (yet at the same time not wanting to be seen as such by the general public).

Later on, there is some sort of frustration regarding the neighbors, but it is not clear. I end up with some sort of gorilla costume, which I wear at first to protect myself from their antics. This in fact does not seem that logical in afterthought - as one wearing a gorilla costume would be far more conspicuous. However, the costume also has some sort of advanced internal technology which also makes the suit bulletproof. This bulletproof nature seems based on some sort of redirection using advanced technology. Apparently there is an active invisible layer around the suit that instantly detects proximity of any kind, which also instantly reverses any projectile - perhaps based on some sort of magnetic inversion in some sort of field around every point on the suit, though works on any kind of threat including nonmetallic. I do not have to do anything as it is automatic.

Eventually, there are military officials involved. Some who shoot at me are victims of their own weapons when the bullets redirect back to them. I am more annoyed at being followed around, including down an alley in town, than being shot at. Even a rocket launcher is ready to be used on me, but there is no effect. In fact, the bigger the weapon, the sooner it redirects. Thus, the rocket explodes as soon as it leaves the launcher when it is fairly far away from me in the alley (and on the opposite side). This seems to vaguely remind me of some sort of physics law relative to gravity. The men following me mostly only appear in groups of two or three at a time.

I am vaguely remembering that if I find the portal to the Pascal-triangle-like phasing of reality (related to the "event horizon" of reality) I can then be invisible to all but the most intelligent members of human society, though invisible to all depending on how far I go.

wearing a gorilla costume
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