almost 7 years ago
Aiding in an Escape

Morning of January 6, 2015. Tuesday.

This entry is based on two sections of longer dream events, not necessarily related to each other in any way.

In one, I seem to be flying behind a car (about ten feet above ground-level) driven by my wife's younger sister, though whom we rarely see in real life. I am not sure who the passenger is. Suddenly, the car stops in the middle of the street as if it hit something (that was not seen; something with implied literal invisibility). I am not directly part of the scene, but I see that she is somehow now lying on her back across the front seat (instead of being in a position that would indicate that she had just crashed as the driver), her head to my left. There is a purple area of skin around her nose and cheeks, continuing down towards just above her chest, somewhat hour-glass-shaped. I am trying to work out if this was a result of her face hitting the steering wheel (there is otherwise only indication of a minor nose bleed) or if it represents some sort of breathing problem or blood chemistry imbalance related to breathing. It seems to turn out as the latter and someone calls an ambulance. In reality, she has no breathing problems (or any asthma-related condition) as far as I know, but does have a very hostile attitude towards many people. This may be related to being "purple with rage". Overall, my dream has no significance at all with any recent events or ideas, possibly just a reminder that her attitude is self-destructive and that I would not let her mentality "drive" me.

A longer section of a dream relates to being an aid or "sidekick" to some sort of higher-ranking military figure. There is an older prisoner with a beard who is apparently not a terrorist figure as believed. The only one that apparently knows this is the military figure I serve. He is planning on helping the prisoner escape without any form of detection. Firstly, the prisoner is told to shave as well as wear a military uniform he is discretely given.

We let the prisoner out from the cell and walk towards an elevator. No one seems suspicious in any way. On the elevator, an older (but shorter than any of us) higher-ranking official steps in. For some reason we end up talking about big game hunting. I try not to sound less intelligent in this scene but end up being a bit incoherent. I talk about hunting buffalo (bison, but called "buffalo" in-dream) but there is some sort of uncertainty of them having tusks or long tusk-like horns. They do have horns of course but in my dream, I do not perceive them as such and feel that my reference as such was a foolish mistake that would expose me as not knowing anything about hunting larger animals. I then go on to talk about hunting elephants (as if they are a lot like bison) and giraffes and then add, somewhat unnecessarily, that this sort of hunting is not in America. The official does not mock me or seem suspicious.

I and the military man I am helping are eventually out on the street, getting into a convertible (which is across the street from the government building) with the prisoner. However, an older female approaches the car from the right side, saying how she knew who the man was (an escaping prisoner), yet did not raise the alarm (and in fact, I think helped distract a couple other officers as we were leaving the building). I am not sure what her motive is, but nothing dramatic happens after this. She reminds me of Margaret Hamilton (wicked witch from "The Wizard of Oz" from 1939), the actress, who I always confused with Jane Withers ("Josephine the Plumber") when I was very young (likely due to how their manner of speaking in character sounded so similar to me).

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