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flattened man is healed
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Elves, Healing, Time Manipulation

Morning of January 3, 2015. Saturday.

The growing non-lucid manipulation scenarios of my newer dreams have gotten somewhat amusing - I am still seemingly focused in-dream on working mainly with my fingers and metaphorically "entering codes" (in various atypical ways - some theoretically "technological", some "magical") into the dream itself. This one was extraordinarily long but I will summarize the main sections.

The main beginning scenes relate to some sort of miniature people, which are likely to be closest to the concept of brownies or elves. There are thirty of them living under a particular house, though I am not sure if it is my family's home. They have extensive conversations of how humans no longer see them or regard them in certain ways, which seems problematic for their continuing livelihood. This ties in with some later scenes long after some completely different scenes take place, all in all, about three different plots. Most of the brownies or elves are older males.

The next scene related to the brownies or elves involves being in an unfamiliar residence. My youngest son is there as well as my (deceased) sister Marilyn and several others, some unknown. My son seems slightly ill, with a mild cough. I get the impression that I should call on one of the thirty brownies that live under the floorboards of the house. I seem to automatically know how to do this even though most people have no idea about the inherent "call for help" system. I tap the fingers of my left hand in a particular precise pattern (somewhat like Morse code), which will supposedly bring about aid from the magical beings. After I tap out the code on an end table next to me to my left, I wait. I look towards the partly open curtains in the large doorway farther to my left. I expect something or someone to appear but I am not certain of what or who. I am aware that no one else suspects something unusual will happen or knows that a magical being may soon appear from behind the cloth curtains, which hang to about three inches from the floor.

After a short time, a small younger male "creature" appears and walks into the large room. Instead of one of the previously established brownies of only about two inches tall, he is about three feet high with somewhat darker but yellowish skin and is wearing a plaid kilt and also has some sort of animal fur (somewhat like a brown mink stole - but seemingly more relative to a religious garment) draped over one shoulder. Without pausing, he goes to my son and takes away his cough with some sort of brief ritual.

Later, I am outside with my sister Marilyn and others (including a few relatives of my brother-in-law's) in an unfamiliar area in an unknown region. They mostly appear as they did during the mid-1980s. I am somehow manipulating time - which will supposedly help my sister somehow (regarding her declining health). A large tree falls over dramatically not that far from us. I am aware that in an alternate reality, this is what killed her earlier on in life. She is to my right and seems okay except for a mild cough. I feel a bit sad in knowing she has already died in one "alternate" reality.

I play with time in my dream and even tell the other characters what I am doing. I deliberately cause my dream to rewind by five seconds and point this out by telling another character to watch the clock. Logically, they should not be aware I am doing this if everything is rewinding (which would "logically" include their own viewpoint rewinding as well and erase their memory), but they do note it, and seem surprised I am able to do this. Eventually, I pretend to make a "mistake" by causing my dream to rewind (relative to the ongoing scene and setting anyway) by half an hour. Eventually, my dream seems to be "playing" with me by accelerating time forward a bit during certain times the clock moves backwards. Eventually, it is near dusk, although the clock shows that it should be morning.

In another section, I am flying over cars in a long tunnel. There is an overpass structure within the tunnel which almost seems to be part of a residence for a time, as I notice a refrigerator near one corner (it may even be part of my house but elevated a bit above the traffic). A foreman from the factory I worked at years ago is there. I fight another character for a time as we do martial arts in midair over the cars. At one point, I throw him into a wall and he disappears even though he seemed fairly confident of his skills at first. I am not hurt in any way.

The foreman asks for my help due to a car carrier crashing into his parked bulldozer while he was on it while the car carrier was going up the overpass and not having enough clearance. I try to get to him quickly as he is still speaking to me, but he keeps falling and rolling down through the rest of the traffic. Eventually, he is run over several times and flattened by his own bulldozer, which somehow slides down past other cars and trucks. The car carrier loses its cars as well; they fall back, hitting some of the other cars that are going through the tunnel and creating havoc though some drivers do not seem to notice at all.

Even though the other male is killed and completely flattened (though without that much blood or gore) I am able to effortlessly resurrect him as his body completely rejuvenates and heals, though he only thanks me in a manner that he seems to think I had only pulled him out from a difficult space from under a part of his wrecked bulldozer. I do not mention what had really happened to him.

miniature people
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flying over cars in tunnel
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flattened man is healed
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