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making christmas cakes
binary values
no concern over toxic cakes
Christmas Cake Alchemy

Morning of January 2, 2015. Friday.

I am back in America during the holidays, seemingly in the backyard at Loomis Street. The newer ritualistic system I have been trying to develop for dream enhancement and unification of my dream-making self with both my conscious self and my in-dream self appears to be having some odd effects (such as my fingers moving forward to "erase" a face in one of my last dreams), also in that I am again usually more aware of my body and my hands especially. I have, including in non-lucid dreams, been manipulating things manually a little more than usual (rather than mentally or through expectant automatic prior scripting).

I have some sort of metallic container made of aluminum, I think, which is like a small loaf pan (or bread pan). It is more shallow, perhaps half the height of a typical loaf pan, but also a bit longer. I am not sure what is going on, but for some reason I believe I can make smaller Christmas cakes with some sort of odd (fictional) technological process. There are some unknown people around in the neighborhood.

I put some sand and dirt from the yard into the loaf pan. It is about one-fourth full at one point. After this, I draw, with my index finger, a one-byte binary sequence across the surface from left to right, which I think is 01010100 (which is 84 decimal, which represents a capital "T"). (It is possible that there is a play on "one byte" vs. "one bite".) However, I contemplate, with a sort of wariness, that this may not be the right code to make Christmas cakes with. It (needing to be correct about the apparent "recipe" code) does not seem to bother me that much, though. To "activate" the creation of the cakes, I move my right hand, mainly my index and middle fingers (from right to left) over the pan while holding it in my left hand. This seems to be a normal way to activate codes, similar to pressing the "Enter" key on a computer keyboard, metaphorically a sort of "sweeping back", but also more similar to pushing the carriage return on a manual typewriter.

My finger movement action seems to create at least four miniature cakes of which three other people seem to want and so I let them cheerfully take them. I eat the one that is left and it tastes a bit grainy and somewhat metallic and sour. I then realize that the code was wrong and that I have eaten "poisonous minerals", but, even though I am not lucid, it does not bother me at all. I still somehow know that I am not in the real world even though I do not suspect I am dreaming. I know I will not die (or even get ill) from the highly toxic "poisonous minerals". There is no concern at all.

I fill the pan with dirt and sand from the ground again. This time I draw, with my index finger, what I think is 00010110. This happens to be 22 decimal, which, as well as having many spiritual associations, synchronicity, representing "V" (the 22nd letter) and nearly endless connections to the "unexplained" also coincidentally relates to "synchronous idle" in ASCII, which "coincidentally" goes back to being "^V" in caret notation.

I repeat my "code activation" with my index and middle fingers moving back over the top of the pan from right to left.

This time, the cakes look a little more edible, but I am still not certain if they are "perfect". Still, people are happy to take them and no one had gotten ill by that point. In fact, they seem quite thankful. Mine does taste a bit better than the previous.

making christmas cakes
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binary values
dream dictionaries
no concern over toxic cakes
dream dictionaries
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