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A Small Portal

Morning of December 29, 2014. Monday.

Although this dream does have similarities to concepts from certain sparser past dreams, it is entirely new in its "design". My intent, as usual, is to expand on each new in-dream "power". I have only, for one day, been using a new type of dream "scripting", but not as direct as other types. It involves a new type of training that combines focusing on and questioning an event or image transition with two possible outcomes, one related to "can only occur in a dream" and the other, "will likely only occur when awake". Of course, this is so "obvious" as to be ridiculous, but I have never read anything remotely similar in dream publications. It is a more advanced form of continuous "reality checks" that eventually become "automatic", that is, a natural way of thought continuity. Instead of just asking now and then if you are dreaming, you do actual meditative sessions with real objects or images and their status until your entire mind falls into this skill "automatically". (I will go more into this later in other entries). Practice makes perfect as they say. I am surprised it has already "worked" in a way after only one day, but not as fully as desired, though I suspect it fits into the "prototype" type of dream.

Obviously, dreams can be "anything" (including, for lack of a better term, "paranormal", contrary to certain less-enlightened and less-experienced people) - and, strangely enough, I only began to fully understand this more recently (compared to the extent and longevity of my work). Because of the nature of consciousness, "anything" can be experienced in a dream and at any level of vividness (even two or more dreams at the same time if one is so inclined) including far more vivid than day to day real life (which I suppose worries some people as they are then concerned with somehow being "tricked" into thinking they are dreaming when they are not - which is absurd due to the fact that dreams naturally "trick" people into thinking they are awake - but, alas, it is human nature to "fail", apparently), particularly various levels of remote viewing, which includes perspectives and perceptions not even close to habitual waking associations (which may, in fact, be why many people supposedly do not remember their dreams - due to them being too abstract or "far away" from their waking status).

In my dream, I am sitting in the center of a mostly featureless pale blue room. I am not lucid, yet (as has often been the case in the past) still somehow aware I am making my dream from another "mental plain" (for lack of a better term). There is an invisible "portal" in the room that I am aware of, but it is very small. This portal is, for a time, seemingly no bigger than my finger, though it does seem to expand later. It is probably about a foot or so from the floor. In fact, I find it by moving my hand around until the fingertip starts to "vanish" when I move my hand forward a bit. This happens a few times.

What is remarkable is that I can see my finger slowly vanish from the tip downward as it enters this other realm (though this does not trigger any degree of lucidity yet). I try experimenting with it. I take a small book and actually manage to push it through into the other (unseen) realm so that it seems to become "invisible" as a result (though not truly invisible, just beyond this portal). After a time, my mother-in-law, unfortunately, makes an appearance. The portal at that point almost seems like a sort of metaphorical "coin-slot" into this other world.

There is not much definition or rendering of the mother-in-law presence or associations, but there is something to do with an occult book being taken out by the mother-in-law, though it is primarily inconsequential and something about demons (which I have never remotely seen any evidence of in my lifetime - only manifestations of someone's own personal fears and limitations).

There is not much else going on. I have not "worked" like this in any past dream in this particular way (only vaguely similar scenes), but it does seem a result of the particular "reality checks" I had done. However, they curiously took on a different metaphorical pattern. Instead of checking by "meeting a solid surface" with my fingertips, my fingertip "vanished" into an implied portal, the portal being otherwise completely unseen. Of course, this implies (though I already knew this) that even if a dream is seemingly of "one" implied environment (and not necessarily relevant to common bilocation experiences in dreams), there are unseen immediate phasing layers all around the dreamer. This is no surprise, I suppose, due to the fact that sound, imagery, and other features of the universe also phase in ways the public would refuse to believe even when shown. For example, when you invert one sound wave over another (polarity reversal) the second being originally the same as the first, all relevant sound completely ceases to exist. However, this is not a matter of "cancelling out" as some suggest. Why? Because if you insert something that slightly changes one of the waveforms into one channel, you will still detect that they both still simultaneously exist, just in a different inaudible form. This of course, is quite intriguing in what it suggests about the nature of dreaming and human thought itself.

featureless pale blue room
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