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parrots for christmas
Christmas Parrots

Morning of December 25, 2014. Thursday.

I "wake" within my dream (while still in bed) and the television is on. I am only vaguely aware that it is Christmas morning. (This is one of several dreams as is usually the case of remembering six to nine more coherent ones a day on average since very early childhood - not counting the numerous shorter vivid hypnagogic dream experiences per night.)

I am not that annoyed by the television being on (at least at first), but I do not think anyone is watching it. After a time, I see it is some sort of "important" news report or bulletin. It turns out to be my mother-in-law and her youngest daughter. They are showing their Christmas gifts on live television for some reason and are standing in a public area outside somewhere (not sure of location). During the broadcast, though, one of their Christmas gifts, a parrot, dies as the daughter is speaking and holding it. She becomes only slightly upset, and the broadcast keeps going on about them and their experiences. I get the impression that the other parrot will also die on live television. In fact, it "feels" as if the parrots have met their fate simply by being given to these demented people though possibly also relative to the special news bulletin.

I am not all that surprised as they continue to talk and lie about their experiences and how the news broadcasts it...and to continue to relate false information about other people in the region.

This is because it is based on reality. There have been several known occasions where entirely false stories and details were published in the mainstream news relative to these people, which is why I have a tendency to believe little of what is reported in the media. The parrot symbolism seems to be related to mainstream news itself and the fact that they will quote and print anything these days whether or not it has any connection to real events. For example, there was a news story about a man whose daughter was killed locally and my mother-in-law (and her youngest daughter) met him at the airport; the newspaper reporting that she had lost a daughter in the same way (apparently why she was there to meet him and give him flowers - though she had lied) and with other details of which were completely false - she had never lost an adult daughter, especially in being killed in the "same way" as the man's daughter as the newspapers reported - all of her children are still alive at this point. Another news story was completely false and related to another long-adult daughter "running away from home", when in fact it was attempted escape from her abuse. Certain newspaper articles (even front page) are so far from any relevant actual event or truth, it is almost like a story about a completely different event in another land.

parrots for christmas
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