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man with fish's head
fight in front of house
Fishhead Man

Morning of December 28, 2014. Sunday.

This dream is based on a very recent real-life event. An unknown male, possibly from a couple houses down, had obnoxiously yelled out "hello" from random areas on the sidewalk and knocked two days in a row, though only once each time (assuming it was the same person each day) and was gone before anyone could get to the door.

In my dream, I go into the front room and when I glance out the window I notice that a couple trucks are parked against the house. Not only that, I notice that part of the bumpers are somehow up over the outer window ledge (which in reality is too narrow to support anything and is not really the right level for that as it is) making it seem even more of a ridiculous imposition. (Ridiculous impositions as well as "lack of mind" in society are a fairly common theme in certain dream types.)

Upon seeing this ridiculous intrusion onto our house itself, I look out and around the front yard and notice three men fighting and rolling around on the ground. Two of the men appear to be typical local males. One of them, however, has the head of a fish. He lifts his head up, looking towards me for a short time and then goes back to fighting.

I am eventually aware that at least one of them is a police officer. The other two are seemingly connected to a courier company, or perhaps two different courier companies. The fish-headed man seems to be losing for a time.

Even though my perspective and overall perception are quite clear, I cannot quite determine if the fish-headed man is the police officer or is one of the others. Not much else happens. It does appear that the fish-headed man is wearing a uniform, but it may be a formal outfit for the delivery company.

Obviously, this dream is a warning that something "fishy" is going on with a neighbor or whoever had just been near our house recently.

There was an earlier section where my wife's brother Simon was visiting and he is talking about the changes that a friend of his went through - especially changes within his mind over time. He uses a term which contains "hero's intuition" - the other word possibly being "unsung". I hear him speak for quite some time and he seems sincere and at ease. I am not sure who he is talking about - but it seems like someone that had been in the hospital recently. (I do not know any of his friends in reality.) I admit to also being like that in the past but that a person changes over time. Foresight and (especially long-term) precognition become less significant, vivid, and layered over time because more of your life is behind you than ahead of you. However, remote viewing seems to increase in some ways, although slightly more impersonal (in this case, likely due to the fact that my life has been validated and mostly blissful for over twenty years, without any of the apparent "confusion" or doubt or even "inner talk" many people have or face).

man with fish's head
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fight in front of house
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