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greek ghosts
round elevator up from ground
Greek Ghosts

Morning of December 26, 2014. Friday.

This dream was somewhat typical (at first) of the type where there is an ambiguous presence of an unknown character somewhere in the house and who is often primarily ghost-like. Such dreams have occurred over a lifetime. Sometimes the presence turns out to be "real", sometimes imagination or a reflection of some kind.

My family and I are living in an intercontinental composite that is most like the house on Stadcor Street but is displaced in Cubitis, yet rotated and with the entrance seemingly facing north rather than towards the highway.

Over time, I find interest in the discovery of a previously unknown area between the kitchen wall and back porch where I remove boards and focus on the possibility of discovery. The area within is big enough for about two people to fit. Although not nightmarish, I see someone for a short time, possibly a ghostly presence. It is a younger dark-haired female, but not that clear of an image. I do not know her intent and inform my wife that someone is in the house (without directly mentioning any ghostlike attributes). My wife, however, is preoccupied with a large insect that had gotten into the house from the other side. Oddly, her concern about the presence of an insect having more significance than a home intruder does not trigger any level of lucidity.

Later, I look out to the south area of the side yard. I notice a large, round, solid and rock-like surface that reminds me vaguely of a clock (or perhaps a buried sundial), as it has some sort of symbol set going around the circumference or perhaps English letters. It seems very old and seems to be an important discovery. Previously, there had supposedly only been a thinner layer of grass and dirt hiding it. Although I do not fully dwell on the idea, it is possibly some sort of very large manhole cover at first - though that idea is replaced by the context of it being part of an ancient structure.

After I focus on it for a short time, it begins to rise up (revealing the rest of its structure previously below the ground) while rotating at the same time until it appears to be a small building (or a model of one) big enough for perhaps six people to stand comfortably inside. It reminds me a little of Apollo's Oracle at Delphi though it has the roof and a few columns going around to support the roof. It also reminds me very slightly of an older-style saltwater fishing reel on its side (though that is only related to its overall form). Its elevator-like event does not seem related to its actual function in any way but more as a result of my (seemingly absentmindedly) "summoning" it from the ground.

After a short time, I notice several people walking around, approaching from the south; mostly males in the clothing of ancient Greece. Some of them seem alive and some seem like ghosts due to the fact that they sometimes walk through each other (without the one they are walking through noticing at all), or perhaps they are all ghosts at different levels of phasing. None of them go directly near or into the small building. They do not seem to have a purposeful destination as, although they are mostly walking towards my house, they walk in a somewhat meandering manner. I do not know their intent but I do not feel threatened; just slightly curious. However, the dream soon loses cohesion after this.

greek ghosts
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round elevator up from ground
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