almost 7 years ago

Morning of December 22, 2014. Monday.

I am in some sort of business building that is seemingly in the same location as the King Street boarding house was and on the second floor. I am not sure of what is going on, so I mainly just walk around. Other people, unknown, are sitting and standing in the area in a few different rooms. Apparently, we had all been involved in some sort of educational task but I do not recall what had happened before. At one point, I notice that my hair is braided on each side as well as the back, with a cluster of three feathers on each. Not knowing what else to do, I do a vocalization that is somewhat chant-like.

Although I am not singing that loudly at all, another male walks by and acknowledges it. He tells me that he is Irish American (thus not like me at all) but that my singing seems to have made him feel better and is "improving his mind" in other ways. I am not sure what to say but make a vague remark and generalization about wavelengths. We walk north down a hall to some sort of counter. Apparently everyone is leaving but only a couple people here and there are getting awards for some reason. As I slowly walk by the counter (to my left) in the line of people going out, I am told that I "did very well" (though I have no idea what the reference is to) and a male places a bronze decoration (as an award of some kind), that represents a cluster of three feathers, on the counter. Before I get much farther, I am given an additional award, which is one smaller bronze feather. I am not sure how to react but I put them in my pocket.

After leaving the building, most of us walk west down King Street, but the area is quite different. At first, it seems fairly late at night. There are sections that look like the inside of a house (even with furniture) but are inverted to be external features near the sidewalk. There is a turn off to where we are apparently going to walk north. During this time, an unknown female is worried about being accosted so she walks to my left for protection. There are other random people around that are farther away from us.

One of the males near the front of the line is talking about people with guns approaching us (from the north). At first, I think it may be some sort of military scenario, then think about a possible active gang. The male that warns us is soon shot.

Several new unknown people appear - all with pistols, the leader being a blonde female working with a dark-haired male, and we are apparently going to be forced to be guests at a "mob" wedding due to the fact that they do not have enough guests and the wedding is to be very soon. They hand out adult "bibs" that look like the front part of a white dress shirt - complete with real black buttons (but no tie). All of us are supposed to wear them and follow the others to the wedding location as we are all held at gunpoint.

After a short time, even though I am not lucid, I "remember" that I have certain abilities, primarily to manipulate the thoughts and physical movements of people. Even though the two main people with guns are bossing my group around, I soon mentally will them to turn around and shoot each other. That threat is eliminated. I then cause the others to turn back and give the members of my group time to get to a building for safety. We travel easterly into an industrial area with large warehouses and my dream begins to fade.

The sensations of altering someone else's thoughts (as well as in causing them to move a certain way) is quite direct and physical where I actually seem to "feel" movements in the other person's mind from a distance; the act somewhat like mentally changing the positions of tiny magnetic balls. This is the third time in a row in recent dreams where I was experiencing something related to perceived movements in the mind. It is far more defined and clearer than it had ever been in the past, though even that was rare.

theta b3.0
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