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loud music
Loud Music

Morning of December 21, 2014. Sunday.

My family and I are living in some sort of composite that mostly (northerly) utilizes the houses on Barolin Street. However, the house that was next door to us at a different address (Stadcor) is one additional house over. The main directional orientation is actually of Barolin Street and there is no definition of the southerly direction at all.

I am not sure who is living next-door to the north. It may be a group of younger males, perhaps at least three TAFE students (there is no viable "back story" to my dream). I watch one male go through the backyard and into the house. Shortly after, very loud annoying music begins to play. There is one point where I look over and then look away after seemingly gazing a long time because I eventually realize that I can see into their house through their front screen door (and it is facing towards our house) and I do not want to be seen as "spying" regardless of their behavior. However, all I actually see inside are a few empty chairs facing our house. I think about how the music is likely a lot louder with all their doors being open.

I go out to the front porch of our house and start to confront one of them about the loud music, which can actually be felt in our own house through the floor and walls. However, at the same time, the boy from the house on the other side (who had actually lived next door to us in Brisbane in reality and fought with his mother a lot) had been screaming at the top of his lungs because of also being annoyed by the loud music. The boy also comes around to the front of their house, continuing to scream and yell about the music. Between my complaining and the boy's continuous screaming (I am not yelling or sounding that angry - but I do mention how imposing on people that way is simply obnoxious and wrong), the males in the middle house soon give up and turn their music down to where it cannot be heard at all (of course, in reality, people usually turn their music up much louder when someone complains). However, at times, I can still hear the boy yelling in the backyard while playing some sort of game with at least two friends, but it is not that annoying.

loud music
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