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Journey Through Space and Across Dimensions

Morning of December 20, 2014. Saturday.

I find myself firstly on my own at my (deceased) sister Marilyn's house. It does not come to mind that my sister had not lived there that long after I moved to Australia or yet that she had died in February of this year. However, I do begin to remember that many of my relatives had died fairly recently. In my dream, though, I soon but incorrectly "remember" that my sister Marilyn had died a couple years before my mother.

I seem to have died as well and am presently in a transitory state prior to where I will then be "living". My sister actually appears (as she was when about thirty) and sits down next to me in the living room. I ask her how I died and she tells me about seeing atomic bombs in various parts of the world on the television news. In the back of my mind, I wonder if I will be seeing my wife and children. I ask her where her husband is. Apparently he is still alive somewhere.

Eventually, the setting becomes surreal, but not directly threatening or nightmarish. I find myself in a different region that is apparently some sort of long-term "limbo" or type of purgatory. The supposed "leader" or main authority of this place is the god Pan, who seems quite narcissistic and somewhat sadistic. All of the other "people" remind me somewhat of "Grimm's" (the television series) Wesen characters, but not specific ones. One girl in particular is being "punished" over time to the point of appearing ill and weak. However, as this is a form of limbo where people have already died, she cannot die again (at least at this point).

She is apparently being tortured (in a supposed religious sense) for her prior lascivious nature. However, being physically "punished" for lasciviousness or consensual pleasure with someone else's righteous sadism sounds insane, as if this limbo universe has become corrupt at the liminal stage after one dies. In the back of my mind, this causes me to question the entire nature of religion and the concept of righteousness itself. How I had not "automatically" reached this understanding as a child causes me to dwell on the "Land of the Living" also being corrupted somehow, to where falsehood is religiously impressed from a very early age, and which may actually be relative to why death itself exists.

In the back of my mind, I am trying to "remember" who Pan really is in this scenario, though I am not yet lucid. Some of the other people who have supposedly died recently are smaller animals now, which has something to do with their lack of willpower. Although Pan is still technically Pan, he now has a few subtle squirrel-like features, including the ears. It begins to dawn on me that he may actually be a "disturbed" person I have only ever read the journal of in reality; an older male who is against sexuality, against having a family and especially against having children, while at the same time elevating animals to the level of human sentience, including squirrels. This would explain the "Grimm" Wesen presence in-dream. I am not looking forward to being tortured and mindlessly "judged" by someone else's skewed idea of religion or spirituality, and even though I am not yet fully lucid, I begin to take full control of this other dimension. I believe that continuous mental alchemy and "truth incarnate" will "fix" this limbo universe.

I start by healing the girl Wesen closest to me. It may be a younger version of my wife, but her persona is not fully defined. I place my hand on her chest and I remember that she also needs to reestablish her strength and awareness from the inside to take full control of her own physical presence in this dimension. My fingers merge into and below her skin to interface with her arrhythmic heart and I tell her to focus on and affirm "I am restored to my healthiest state" although this slightly corrupts into "I restore myself to my healthiest state" (which I can hear her saying a few times) implying omniscience over the passive "thank you for restoring me to my healthiest state" implying that others exist in this universe (other than the unified "I am"). It is however, important that she recognizes her omniscience to be fully protected against Pan. Eventually, she seems to be healthier and steadier on her feet and I feel her growing stronger and more "complete".

When Pan approaches me and assumes an authoritative pose, I easily pull his heart from his chest and it eventually crumbles in my hand, flowing like sand from my fist as his body falls apart into small pieces. At this point, the scene shifts...

Pan and the Wesen girl and several others, now all fully human, are lying on their sides unclothed on the deck of a large ship moving through waters near Antarctica, seemingly back on Earth - and we are all in living bodies again. "What the f---?" shouts the former Pan, now shivering and appearing very vulnerable in contrast to his former faux "glory".

I mentally create a thick jacket and outfit for the girl so that she is not cold (as she no longer has the fur of a Wesen). It is "painted" onto her as she stands up. The former Pan says something about religion, sin, and dreams and I say "Oh shut up you narcissistic fake - you know nothing about dreams" and the scene immediately shifts to distant outer space. It is as if I mentally lift and "throw" the entire ship we are on into outer space, even with pieces of ice and globs of water following us in the momentum for a time. However, we are now millions of miles from Earth on the other side of the galaxy. The immediate setting still seems the same but it is now like an imperial cruiser from "Star Wars", though that is not what it actually is. It is a spaceship, though, being piloted by aliens that have never seen people from Earth even though they are exactly like human beings themselves (except more intelligent, it seems).

We all go inside and walk around. It is very spacious. I ask one of the males if his planet is called "Earth" and he says no. He says that they had only studied Earth at times and watch the television and radio transmissions of humans as well as the nearly endless "false" dimensions and religious realms humans create. One male says "It looks like Pan's realm is gone", watching the distorted horizontal bars and static on the monitor where that realm had existed prior to my dissolution of it. "It was him," says another male, pointing to me, and I am seen as a "hero" in a sense and am given an extensive tour of the ship that seems to last a long time. The ship seems to be powered by the ice of comets being slowly exposed to plasma from stars or the manipulation of Bose-Einstein condensates and perhaps a form of magnetism - I see pieces of a recently taken comet in a large room. Another tells me that they will take me (and the others) back to Earth. They are all extremely friendly and accommodating in every way and not at all condescending regardless of their superiority.

I feel extraordinarily happy; comfortable in their presence, and secure. I stand on the deck of the ship and assume there is an additional oxygen layer (in spherical form) around the ship, which allows one to freely see all of space and still be able to breathe. I am correct in this assumption, and I also notice that the aliens have set up a holographic section in front of the ship that seems to be showing the ending credits of a movie (perhaps to make the former Pan feel more at home). It seems silly to be watching the closing credits of a movie superimposed against the backdrop of "real" outer space while standing on the external deck of a huge alien spacecraft, but it does not concern me that much. I feel subtle movements inside my head (which I have had in dreams before but which are not possible in reality) and "harmonic" sensations as I seem fully open to the aliens and the universe itself "reading my mind" completely. I welcome this. I am fully open. In fact, the more open I am, the more the dream (and the universe itself) is fully and solely "mine".

I admire the beauty of Earth as we approach...still feeling fully open to any telepathic force that chooses to "read" me. Because, above all, I have endless faith in who I am and any imposition would only validate me further. I can feel the energies in my head shift to a more defined harmonic resonance. It feels fantastic.

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