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lily and egg composite
eating a special egg
Rare Egg

Morning of December 10, 2014. Wednesday.

This dream was fairly short but the theme was quite different. In my dream, my wife and family and I seem to be living in either a different house - or what actually seems more like a different version of the house we presently reside in. (I say this because the general orientation feels the same and stays as such after waking in otherwise transient afterthought.)

The house has a hallway that goes from north to south and into an area that is different than reality. The east wall of this fictional hallway is what is ordinarily a large space open to the kitchen. In the left upper corner of the doorway-like area at the south end of the hallway is a rather small birdcage within which is a small bird. It appears somewhat like a young or miniature roadrunner (have not seen one in real life since childhood). The mostly square cage is tipped at about forty-five degrees, so that it actually looks somewhat diamond-shaped.

At one point, I end up with a large (chicken) egg. I have rarely eaten eggs in any form (other than in processed foods of course) in my lifetime. In my dream, after a conversation with my wife, it turns out to be a special sort of egg; a type that is not that common but is still good to eat (and supposedly more beneficial than "normal" eggs).

I decide to eat this special egg due to its supposed augmented nutritious value. Eating is quite rare in my dreams as mentioned before (however, in this dream, both the sense of touch and taste is greatly enhanced). I take the shell off and it already seems like it was hard-boiled even though it was not. The egg white is naturally solid for some reason and I notice it is of a spiny texture. The very minute spines remind me somewhat of a cactus but do not come out or become embedded in my skin as with a cactus pad, yet it feels very realistic for what is implied. It does seem a bit strange and makes me unsure if I should eat that part.

Eventually, I do start to eat all of it and it does not taste unusual (which is atypical of dreams - many tasting events in dreams are odd and different than reality). The inside seems much more like a lily than an egg; that is, with several ovules. This is possibly an implication that several small chicks could somehow hatch from one egg.

Later, I have a concern about the bird having had enough food recently. The cage seems a bit too high for my wife or children to reach and I do not recall feeding it recently. However, when I go under the cage and look up, I see that it has plenty of two types of seeds across one entire side of the cage, one somewhat corn-like, and the other much smaller (roadrunners actually eat meat and carrion, even rattlesnakes). My perspective is skewed, however, as my dream's logic and law of gravity fails. That is, the seeds are not falling through the spaces of the cage as they should but are somehow suspended in the air over an "invisible surface" (though which is not actually present). I contemplate this wrongness in the back of my mind though it does not fully dawn on me that I am dreaming even though another part of me seems to be telling me that I am making my dream myself and doing this to indicate it is a dream. I also get the idea that when I throw fresh food up into the bird cage through the wire, it will somehow not fall out.

The complex special egg likely represents my intended new enhancements of my dream work in the coming year. Even though I had been continuously fully validated and satisfied years ago via thousands of precognitive and useful dreams and dream work (especially since 1991), I have decided to pursue an enhanced potential in 2015 even though there has been no real need for it for over twenty years other than enhancing what I already know. Usually when I do this, my dreams tend to be more energized yet also more surreal in some ways. Instead of just sitting on the supposed apex of my life (and having resolved most of my childhood dreams), I am sure I can do more.

eating a special egg
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lily and egg composite
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