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A personal examination of the "eternity bridge" parallels

Night of December 5, 2014. Friday. Extensive notes only.

Although I presently have only 1,605 dream-related documents on tumblr (with continuing reference enhancements being added on each over time), which represents only a tiny fraction of my guess of at least 40,000 total, I plan on enhancing my dream work yet again in 2015 (which had already accelerated back in 1968 as a child). This will now start with a number of articles on my personal findings. This of course, is to be very meticulous and "wordy" and is certainly not for the casual reader unless they are seeking techniques for finding relationships in dream elements over a lifetime or are interested in the controversial knowledge that I acquired over the many years.

Here, I will address a recurring fictional location feature that is not only fictional but also "bilocated" with my childhood home in Cubitis. Bilocation (especially of environmental features) has been a very dominant aspect of my dreams since earliest memory, yet I have rarely read about it in the dream work of others. I do not typically include it in my online entries.

What does this mean? Basically, this "eternity bridge" is seemingly a metaphor for my lifespan but only began in November of 1969 (when I first interacted with Susan R a little more). For some reason I have not worked out, November 6 also seems to be the main date where extremely unusual and unexplainable events center around me personally (though I was born on December 20, 1960). I have not solved this enigma, yet.

The "eternity bridge" (short form of what I called it as a child, both "bridge to eternity" and "bridge over a prehistoric world") is always of the same directional orientation, but not always the same implied height. The first existence of this bridge was bilocated in the northern side yard expanse of my Cubitis house where a shed was in reality - which was the very large building my father built. That is, although my dream's location was implied to be a completely unknown region, I was simultaneously aware of the bridge's eventual trilocation (again, very common in my dreams throughout my lifetime). This includes the following details:

The bridge itself was a wooden bridge (actually a plank and rope bridge, but which did not sway very noticeably) - the first version with more and more missing planks as I walked easterly. It was apparently in an isolated region and its first apparent "intent" was to place me over a "prehistoric world" (though with a "futuristic domed city" on the western perimeter, which seemingly contradicts the established "east is the future" association), which I fell into due to stepping near an area with a missing plank.

At the same time, the bridge was bilocated over my Cubitis backyard, northernmost of the house and technically over the rabbit shed. It has never been primarily bilocated anywhere else, only in this exact (fictional) placement, though its last presence being actually a ground-level back road, and just prior to that, a bridge over the "ocean" (the ocean also being in my Cubitis backyard but with skewed perspective).

Near the main version of my dream's ending it was then also trilocated over the street just south of the West Elementary school building. The area where I met the "mystery girl", in this case in the form of Brenda W (validated paranormal future wife archetype) and where I seemed to become intensely "within" her (regardless of my young age) was bilocated with the playground; more specifically, the white concrete bench Brenda was sitting on (which had fancy floral scrolls and a cyan essence) and the large oak tree, was bilocated via the northwest corner of the playground as an area of the domed city (Atlantis implied). (The "same" bench, though far more plain, is there in that bilocated spot in reality.) Curiously, the trilocation here was a specific spot in my Cubitis bedroom, fairly close to where I was sleeping at the time.

Only a few people have been in this specific scenario with me over a lifetime. The first main version began with Susan R (the only person other than my wife Zsuzsanna, who I had a seemingly paranormal connection to) walking westerly in the opposite direction to where Brenda and I first ended up walking (however, Brenda does eventually go back but ends up in the domed futuristic city where I reunite with her later). Susan actually walked diagonally down an implied ramp just prior to the implied but ambiguous "entry point" of the beginning of the bridge, which would have been bilocated with the entry point of our Cubitis carport. She had the Blue Pearl (aka "divine blue flame") event visible around her, though her direction of which suggested she was no longer in my long-term future and I was then "with Brenda W" (though remember she represented my actual future wife long before I knew of her). Brenda then goes back due to more and more planks missing, but I continue on, seemingly out of curiosity or perhaps stubbornness. This suggests that the verified future with the "mystery girl" (my real-life wife) was still being "built" by unknown forces (yet I first had to "explore other scenarios"), though as described earlier, I do end up with her. Brenda W did not have the Blue Pearl associated with her until a very short time before first real-life contact with my wife-to-be many years later, in a very intense dream of a huge blue sun near the "eternity bridge", but this time more clearly associated with my Cubitis backyard.

Typically, Susan R seemed linked to Christian associations (as my potential partner in life which she seemed to "know" as well) and Brenda W, the "dark mystery" and gypsy (Roma) associations, not in a negative sense, but in a "cheerful" though mysterious futuristic sense - and in the end it was the "mystery girl" who "won" as described in several other entries.

Also, the fact that I met her in a futuristic domed city at the end (though under the bridge in the otherwise prehistoric world), resolved it as very long-term precognitive. In a later version of the dream, we climbed the tree (trilocated with the domed city area, the playground tree, and the Tree of Knowledge in another part of town - which also appeared in a dream around the same time period where Susan R was seated on the "same" bench and crying - later elements of that dream borrowed from "Gay Purr-ee" and which I eventually will go into in another entry) back to the beginning of the "timeline"/bridge.

The "eternity bridge" existence in my dream universe is still going strong. The only relevant associated "players" (other than myself) thus far have been:

Susan R (with Blue Pearl "envelope") - (late 1960s, early 1970s)
Brenda W and additional ambiguous "mystery girl" composites (1969 through 1990/91)
my beautiful wife Zsuzsanna (since 1991, though we did not marry until 1994)
(as of this month - December 2014) youngest son Oliver, though only in the ground-level area below it.

Assuming the "eternity bridge" is some sort of lifespan or fixed life path construct, I have to question some nuances of my last dream. In the "same" area where I fell through a missing plank area in the first version in 1969, I now, at ground level in December 2014, discover large rusty nails (which I place in a glass Coke bottle so that people will not step on them) which I also vaguely associate with the crucifixion (I am not Christian, by the way). This is cross-dream bilocated with where Oliver seemed to no longer be present in the ocean view dream (though I did not see him as endangered in any way). In one "reset" of the first "eternity bridge" dream set, I go off from the side of the bridge down a south staircase, which was precognitive of several sparse events - one being related to my father's eventual chicken farm in that same spot, and another matching a location in Brisbane I did not see in reality until I met my wife-to-be in 1994.

In order to truly understand the paranormal (for lack of a better term) nature of this, one would have to understand thousands of validated associations and personal experiences, which of course, is not even possible for the average person (the majority of people cannot even get past a short dream entry of mine unless they have a genuine interest). I can only relate some of the more defined and continuously rendered scenarios of which I am most familiar with.

Any comments or questions on any of this are very welcomed and appreciated.

eternity bridge
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