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old washing machine
sparks from electrical outlet
Boring laundry dream

Morning of December 2, 2014. Tuesday.

I seem to be involved in a required job at WWTI (now WWTC) rather than going to any actual classes (but which still seems relevant to my grades). However, the only people that seem familiar are old high school classmates (instead of former WWTI classmates), including Steve W. (Steve W probably represents an aspect of government in my later dreams, due to the fact I did poster art for his campaigns in middle school, though he appeared in dreams prior to that). There is one point where I look in from outside at the south end of the building and it seems to be some sort of auto mechanics class, but I do not go in and no one notices me. The room is rather messy, with various tools and pieces of metal lying about.

The room I am eventually in to work is supposedly the girl's bathroom but is huge and also is a laundry area, apparently. No one else is around (other then the one mentioned later). There are at least two large sinks on the north wall with one modern washing machine between them. An old-fashioned washing machine (the kind with rollers) seems to be in disuse and is out into the middle area. Four enclosed bathroom stalls (doors starting about two feet up from the floor) line the east wall with the door to the right of them. There is another rectangular area that breaks off more to the north on that side so that the room is somewhat L-shaped.

I am feeling somewhat annoyed and do not know quite what to do or where to start. I accidentally knock aside two large stacks of towels (about three feet high) of various colors and patterns (which seem more suited for a residence than institutional), which partly fall out from the side of a torn plaid storage bag (the cheap kind we have several of in real life). I then have to spend time putting them back in order, which is difficult, as the bag is split and should probably be duct-taped.

From here, I try to get the modern washing machine to work, and of course, this being a dream (though I am not lucid) that is very unlikely. I attempt to plug in the cord to the outlet and fire shoots out several times (though there is something else plugged in next to the empty socket, perhaps a hairdryer). I then think of using the older washing machine but I do not think all the parts are working and it seems I have to remove debris from inside it anyway. There are also old boxes, carpentry tools, rolled up sections of wallpaper, and other miscellaneous junk in that part of the room.

Only one female (unknown), wearing blue jeans, comes in during this time and remains in the other section of the room. I do not see her face and I am not aware of when she leaves (though she is gone later). I remain aggravated about what I should wash and what I should leave as is. It seems most everything is washed and in order anyway so I am still wondering why I was sent here to work for about an hour or two. I notice the frayed wires on both cords and start to get more annoyed at the fire and buzzing shooting out of the outlets when I attempt to start working. This seems to be even more problematic, as I ponder what will happen when a particular machine is full of water.

In real life, I had been both a student (during two different years and courses - carpentry and machine tool) yet also a maintenance man and cleaner at WWTI (rather ironic, I suppose). My mother had an old-fashioned roller-type washing machine which I sometimes used on my own as a child. I had also worked in maintenance at a middle school, installing new showers and such. The storage bags actually do split easily in real life sometimes. Electrical outlets often do spit fire where I live (including all past addresses), which is apparently not a real issue and never triggers the safety switch (which only ever seems to randomly misfire - turning all our power off for no reason - which happened just recently).

sparks from electrical outlet
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old washing machine
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