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a wife brings joy
golden cobra
Golden Cobra and Angelic Healing

Morning of December 1, 2014. Monday.

In the first section of my dream, a commonly recurring theme of a snake getting into the house occurs. This seems to be in a different context than other snake dreams (the type that relates to the intestine) but in this case turns out to be a cobra - which also has different associations. We are living back in Clayfield in Brisbane.

Each and every movement in my dream is extraordinary and “perfect”. My wife confronts the yellow cobra on the front enclosed porch. She apparently is going to catch it without any difficulty yet also does an amazing martial-arts-like routine by matching the motions of the snake, which seems ready to strike (but never does) - doing some sort of incredibly perfectly timed “inverted” moves relative to each of the snakes motions. It is hard to describe but is almost like watching the actions of one whole being or bodily process, or like watching two opposites which continue to remain exact opposites even when one changes slightly due to the other matching the inverse pattern and momentum.

Eventually, I decide to remove the snake myself, as I do not want my wife to be threatened in any way even though she seems to know what she is doing (as if having done it numerous times in the past as a child). I am able to capture it and throw it out the back door (which then seems to be in the Loomis Street house in the USA). Although its open mouth went over my hand a couple times, it did not break the skin.

There is an association between my wife and the cobra that originated around age six. It relates to the “mystery girl” (future-wife archetype that proved to be correct in hundreds of different ways thus making the “coincidence” cop-out even more ludicrous). The first tulpa attempt was the “Cobra in the Hayloft” recurring lucid dream (though there were prior vague associations with the “dogerpillar” prototype), though the color was different. I had also at times attempted to reconcile the “mystery girl” as a tulpa, though she turned out to be a long-term precognitive archetype, unlike the cobra, which was apparently only symbolic, possibly representing my childhood desire to “rise up and take control” in the dream state - and this was before lucid dreaming was more widely accepted and known by the public - which still seems pretty unbelievable to me that viable understanding of dream states is still virtually non-existent in mainstream culture.

Later, there is a different dream or dream section where my family and I had gone shopping. I soon realize, looking down, that I am walking on a narrow board about three feet from the ground, which is supposedly where many people walk to get from store to store at the shopping mall. The board is no wider than one of my feet. I get really annoyed with this setup and verbally express how ridiculous it is. I jump off and walk along the normal sidewalk from that point. (This scenario has occurred before several times in slightly different ways - it always involves going from something narrow and difficult to something more “logical” or natural.)

Soon, I am wondering where our children are and I become worried. My oldest son is okay but the other four are missing. I go under the house and see that there is water everywhere as well as larger stones (having a rocky stream “hidden” under our house has been a recurring theme of late and seems to symbolize my increasing control of numerous mental states and thought origins and formations - or “evolution of consciousness”/“stream of consciousness” - a liminal state between different dream realms).

I have to pull my second-youngest son out of a hole which is somewhat pipe-like but long unused, I think. My oldest daughter is there and her feet are stuck (they became stuck when she was trying to help my son). My youngest son is farther down in the same pipe-like hole but I manage to get him out, carefully maneuvering him past a couple jagged rocks as I pull him up. (This may actually be symbolic of childbirth.) They are weak and a bit ill from the cold water. I also find a toddler lying on her back who does not appear to be breathing. I first think it is ours, but then she turns out to be a doll, but then turns into someone else’s child and starts giggling and seems healthy. Eventually, our actual baby is with the others. We are then immediately all at a hospital, but in a mostly featureless room with no beds so everyone has to lie on the floor, although a nurse gets a few blankets. I notice that all the children have black fingernails, which indicates frostbite (which was never a concern in our region in reality). They are still shivering and seemingly ill.

From here, I project waves of light from my hands, which eventually comes from my entire body. It makes my family healthier and stronger over time. During this time, I look in a mirror and see an angel halo over my head as well as swept back patterns of light that look like wings (though not actually wings). I do not actually feel any different as is sometimes the case in similar dreams. I do feel a bit puzzled, but everything seems to be getting better.

Doing healing affirmations (especially using the gerund “healing” in a phrase), as I have mentioned several times in the past, has a strange tendency to create an in-dream scenario where extensive healing is required even if it is not relevant at all to waking life. In this particular case, I had also used the word “family”. On other occasions I have had dreams of large holes in my hand or arm which I then “heal” to return to my normal form.

golden cobra
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a wife brings joy
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