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A bland dream about reading and writing

Night of November 29, 2014. Saturday.

During my dream state, I am vaguely reviewing something I had read earlier. It is another example of someone I consider my "arch-enemy" (by inconsequential perspective only). Almost everything they have written is mostly the opposite of everything I (and many others) have learned and validated in many years of dream work. I ponder the nature of his extreme dishonesty in pretending that precognition is only about "seeing a black cat" in a dream and then seeing one in reality the next day. This is so absurd it does not even begin to address the carbon-copy-like detail of remote viewing and precognitive perception. Such dishonesty and "cop-out" avoidance of the real elements involved seems deliberate (yet is a very common deceptive "explanation" used by many people who do not understand the extreme unlikelihood of layered and detailed imagery or theme occurring by chance), yet at the same time could simply be a severe lack of understanding and legitimate dreaming experiences. I do not normally ponder things of this nature in the dream state but have lately for some reason, probably because of my growing awareness of the sorry state of dream work in a time where the misdirected pop culture "dream dictionaries" and impersonal generic "interpreters" unfortunately still exist.

At any rate, I become more focused and "in" my dream and I am having a conversation with someone unknown about the writers on one site. I am mentally reviewing the writing of the other dream journalists and am actually reading on and off for a time. It is somewhat as if I am speaking about them to benefit the interests of another when they eventually start posting on that site.

This goes on for quite awhile but eventually breaks off into a different scenario. I am back at my sister's house on Loomis Street. My brother-in-law is watching television and I look at the screen. It appears to be showing a typed or precisely hand-printed paragraph regarding events at a local school. One of the sentences ends with the word "dama". At first I am thinking it is a misspelling of "data" but then I realize that it is a misspelling of "drama" (and related to students doing different activities in preparing for a school play).

I point this error out to my brother-in-law and he defines the event by saying "narrow" in a deterministic yet casual way as if "narrow" meant being careless - he does actually seem to be commenting on the people who did the writing shown on the screen and not addressing my attention on the one small error. I then go on to explain that when writing is shown on television in this particular way, it is not actually meant to be read more closely.

After this, my attention is drawn to the sound of my mother (who died years ago) vacuuming a particular room of the house, but I cannot work out which room she is vacuuming. I look around but do not see her anywhere, as if the noise from the vacuum cleaner is impossible to locate.

sound of vacuun cleaner
dream dictionaries
narrow with different meaning
dream dictionaries
fictional word usage
dream dictionaries
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