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spaghetti represents brain
evading a tornado
tornado is half of merkaba
Tornado Encounter

Morning of November 24, 2014. Monday.

My dream starts with some sort of prior memory of being recently angry at a grocery store or other business in a more commercial part of a city (as an implied in-dream back story, I think). I am not entirely sure of what had transpired or what the location is. There is one (unknown) male I seem to be annoyed with and he comes out to shake his fist at me. This does not matter all that much, as I can simply fly away and relax, which I do. I rise slowly, gaining more speed as I fly above the streets. Such an event seems very similar to swimming except that you rise up and “into” instead of going down and into.

I then seem to be on the north-side of La Crosse, within a few blocks of where my sister had lived and where my parents and I had lived when last moving from Florida (where I have not been for over twenty years). Apparently, there is a tornado approaching from the north or northwest. I move into a narrow alleyway where taller buildings line each side (it is not as such in real life in this area). The tornado seems almost intelligent as it turns to go near where I am seemingly on purpose, but nothing happens. The tornado cannot come through the alleyway as it is too narrow. The wind is quite strong, but it does not threaten me - I just stand near the end of the alleyway feeling the wind for a time. The tornado eventually “decides” to leave and goes west down the street (and at this point I am vaguely aware that I am making and controlling the tornado, not aware enough to trigger lucidity, though, and in fact, my perspective becomes much “duller” in-dream after this).

I then decide to check up on my relatives who had lived in this area (not remembering they had all passed away except for one older half-brother). The street is not a street but some sort of raised bridge (about ten feet high) which I walk across. Looking at the neighborhood, the ground is covered with giant cooked spaghetti strands everywhere (just the pasta and nothing else, for example, no sauce or meatballs). I am uncertain of the nature of this scene in conscious afterthought. It may be a link to the idea of youth and jump ropes, though the strands are bigger in circumference than a garden hose.

In the back of my mind is a (possibly false) memory. I recall something about an old comic book story (possibly “Spooky The Tuff Little Ghost”) where there was a tornado made of spaghetti (However, in my dream, the tornado seemed normal for the most part.) There is also the movie title “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” from 2009 but I had only known of the title in the back of my mind.

There is an impression that the “spaghetti” is actually the “damage” caused by the tornado (where normally you would perceive debris, such as pieces of wood and glass over the ground).

Update on August 4, 2015: Thanks to finally fully confirming what tornadoes represent as well as pasta; including macaroni and spaghetti; which I will be writing about in an upcoming entry, I understand that this dream is about using intelligence in a balance of reception and projection and using care relative to the direction of mental energies or how thoughts coalesce with certain perspectives (probably mostly of the more distant past). The tornado is the bottom half of the Merkaba and I have finally solved the concept of macaroni relating to mental energy, as I now fully get that macaroni and cooked spaghetti in some ways resemble the folds of the human brain. One of the reasons I did not decode this in the past was that I have had very few pasta-related dreams. In this case the tornado destroys an area I used to spend much time in, probably relative to being focused on the area “too much” while in some dream states (this only being a habit of practiced lucid dreams years ago) - thus the area becomes more like raw (unshaped) mental energies but still with lucid potential - simple. And yes, I am very serious about this and feel satisfied in solving some previously enigmatic dream features.

spaghetti represents brain
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evading a tornado
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tornado is half of merkaba
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