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snails represent listening
giant snails
talking dog
Puppies and Snails

Morning of March 26, 2014. Wednesday.

This is likely at least partly the result of generic scripting using “I am made of the healthiest energies…”

What am I really made of? You know, just like the nursery rhyme…

I am in a larger room; it seems like it may be the shopping mall at one point. I see what first is a puppy (or seems to be). I sense my wife is there. I first “recognize” it as my dog “Joe” (from when I was a young teenager) that was part Toy Cocker Spaniel. I call out saying how this is my dog and how he has returned. I sit down and start to pet it.

“No I ain’t, buddy!” says the small dog loudly in an odd chirpy “human” male voice.

Somehow, this startles me and causes me to fall forward on top of the poor little mutt. I then see that it is Lisa M’s dog from my teenage years.

This dog was a plain brown dachshund and was “replaced” by her father without her finding out (at least at the time - not sure what was revealed years later). Anyway, the dog, with difficulty, manages to crawl out from under my body (I find it almost impossible to lift myself up at that point and the pressure of the animal creates a strange unpleasant ticklish push near my chest) and runs around in circles continuing to speak in an odd human voice, though I do not catch much of what he is saying.

This is embarrassing. Eventually, I leave the area casually as the “puppy” is still running around and making various comments to people (possibly sarcastic or perhaps just informative regarding his “dog’s life”) in what sounds more and more like being from the speaker of a portable cassette player. As I walk down the mostly featureless hall, I see at least three giant snails crawling around - about the size of a cat.

My next scripting will not begin with “I am made of…”

snails represent listening
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talking dog
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giant snails
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