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enchanted forest visit
Mystery Tour

Morning of November 23, 2014. Sunday.

I am walking with my wife (we seem much younger, which is typical) in an unfamiliar area in Australia, but likely not that far from where we presently live. I am aware of the "Enchanted Forest" being nearby. This is a fictional in-dream location that has been a part of my dreams since earliest memory, though the more defined version seems based somewhat on the Enchanted Forest concept from the older Harvey comic books (from the mid to late 60s). This was also where I first learned "my animal" was the opossum at age four (which I originally incorrectly associated with "small foxes in trees").

Usually, the forest is seemingly in the United States. I usually go in at about a twenty-two degree angle (half of the perfectly diagonal forty-five degree angle) from the west (and off from an otherwise "familiar" public road). There is another section on the south end which does not occur in dreams quite as often.

It is always a very beautiful and "deep" reflective state, somewhat like a "hiding place" but when no hiding place is needed. There are almost always other characters I enjoy taking in with me. In this case, it seems to be reflective of the "Magical Mystery Tour". There is an idea of what others have believed (in perceived "wrongful ways") about dreams, though this does not have any residual negative impact on my dream state. I have read that one person on one site believes that dreams are created by someone (or something) other than the dreamer. This writer does not believe in anything "paranormal" (for lack of a better term) such as precognition (or even intuition apparently) or shared dreaming, and yet believes dreams are created by some other entity or being - quite possibly the most ridiculous form of hypocrisy and doubletalk I have ever seen. I am fully aware that I am the dreamer and "creator" here (as with all dreams of this "Enchanted Forest" type), and yet this is not a lucid dream (in that the intense vivid energy of being truly lucid and "fully conscious" in the dream state is not present). In fact, this is a typical non-lucid portal dream, where I am "delivered" into one of several of my most desired dream settings upon the dream first taking cohesive form.

In fact, I have almost always been aware at one level or another that I was creating my own dream (even in non-lucid states) - at least the foundation or primary focus thereof. I have even been fully aware of being the one behind certain chase dreams where I have a memory of instigating the chase scenes for excitement and by which the dream then became "too real". I have, however, been aware of individual personas or the presence of "something else" which usually only ever occurred with negative dreams or impressions, even when awake but in a state of meditation or stillness. That which is positive, beneficial, or life-oriented has only ever seemed to come from my innermost self in all honesty (only one of many reasons I have never believed in "guides").

My wife and I walk through winding paths with high grasses on each side, enjoying the scenery and isolation from the public. We seem to be going southwest for the most part, though more westerly. I seem to feel that I know where we are going on one level, though the forest seemingly always has different potential. After a time, I start to see evidence of civilization. However, there has always been an impression that sections of the forest (usually the most central) were not in "this" world.

We emerge into an area that is mostly an open field, with shorter grass and signs of human habitation. There are a few buildings here and there, but quite far apart. I note three places where there is mostly only one larger building. One of the buildings has some sort of sign regarding Victoria. It may be a travel agency. It seems odd that we could have gone that far in such a short time and ended up here, apparently in Victoria. There is a cheerful mood for the most part, but we decide that we should go back rather than leaving the periphery of the trees to look around this isolated habitation or very small town, though the dream is already losing cohesion at that point.

enchanted forest visit
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