7 years ago
Apartment Living

Morning of November 17, 2014. Monday.

My family and I have apparently partly moved into what seems to be the second floor of a large apartment building. However, this does not seem to be final, as it seems we still need to be "approved" again as a final step (which does not really make sense as we are already living there and had been for perhaps a week). There seem to be two unknown women who own the building.

I am in the main living room but there are also strange visitors from other apartments with us for some reason. One of them is the YouTube conspiracy theorist VH. Another seems to be the heavyset male who makes a brief appearance in "The Butterfly Room" when he shouts up at whom he thinks is the tenant. Another may be the delusional alcoholic I knew in La Crosse who was always talking about prairie dogs coming out of mirrors. A couple others are also very unusual characters, but unfamiliar.

Interestingly, I seem to be okay with these people for a time. However, VH eventually starts playing around with a cigarette lighter to "illustrate" some sort of point he is trying to make about something. I grab him and the lighter. I press his face down near the corner of a bed and have control of where the fire from the lighter goes. I am, using telekinesis, spreading the fire over VH's face and upper body while yelling at him - but it does not kill him and I am able to not only stop other things from burning up completely (such as the bed sheet) but also restore it as the fire moves across it each time. No larger fire occurs and the flames do not get out of my control. The precision with which I control it is quite interesting though I am not lucid. Finally, I just tell everyone to leave and never come back.

Around this time, the owners come in. They do not seem to appreciate the ruckus I caused. I ask her if she knows who VH is and soon tell her about him. It still seems we will be living there. We look at an empty room that has new, attractive veneer everywhere, including areas of the wall and on tall cabinets. It almost seems as if I had done this recently (though I do not remember doing so), as the woman does not seem to know about it, though it remains a mystery.

She asks me if I will be okay with the noise in living here, indicating that people come and go and walk through the main halls at all hours of the day and night. I tell her how I am used to living in such buildings (which is not true at all - I only lived in a smaller apartment building over a tavern around the age of five, not counting the usually quiet residential boarding house as a young adult). I think about people making noise in the hall and slamming doors in the middle of the night, but this is the only place available at the time, apparently, so I accept the situation.

The fire is probably a play on "flaming" someone on an Internet forum, a habit I have never really developed regardless of others' comments.

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