7 years ago
holding five swords

Morning of November 15, 2014. Saturday.

An unknown male is present and doing something in our yard farther from our house. However, my wife and I seem to be living in a new variation of my sister’s Loomis Street house. The shed is oriented like the shed of our present home (perpendicular to our back door instead of in line with it as with the Loomis Street house) but our actual house is one house over from the shed (relative to the lot and due north) than it would be in reality. The land area (front, side, and backyards) is unrealistically large for a residential urban area, though my dream also features the alley through Loomis Street, but missing many other features, the houses being much farther away from each other in the neighborhood than in reality (likely reflecting my dislike of living in populated areas).

I investigate and become annoyed that the man seems to be cutting down a very large and old tree which had grown very close to the shed (but without the tree having damaged the shed in any way). However, when I look more closely, I see that the tree is already completely gone and he is trying to fix the eaves by separating a small piece of wood attached near the roof. At first, I think of punching or hurting him somehow, as I feel he is doing damage to our home and invading our privacy (common dream theme). This is all going on to my left. My wife appears and does not like this stranger being near our home. Somehow, I find myself holding five swords of various styles and hand one to the man with a very vague awareness that he may hurt me, though he does not. Instead, he uses the sword to chop away the extraneous piece of wood from the eaves of the shed.

Somehow, the concept of using swords to chop down trees or “chisel” extraneous parts of buildings seems a bit “off” but I do not realize I am dreaming. Swords have seemingly held slightly different meanings, but other than assumed spiritual protection, I think in each case that it is related to severing any residual ties or more prevalent memories with someone relative to family, in this case, a brother-in-law, as the Loomis Street shed is a representation of him for the most part.

This may relate to my frustration of my brother-in-law being illiterate and needing someone to help him (with documents and such) after my sister died (in the USA), which resulted in a lot of my family photos and most of his wife’s (my sister’s) belongings and such being discarded with no consideration for anyone else in the family.

holding five swords
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