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Mineral Quest

Morning of May 16, 2014. Friday.

The dream starts out with some annoying elements but becomes lucid and blissful. There is the usual recurring idea of living back in my King Street boarding house and not having paid rent for some time. My wife is living in the apartment with me; the one with the two larger closets, one with a built-in dresser, and the smaller multicolored window, the apartment of which I lived in for a time in real life (over time, I had lived in a total of three different apartments in the mansion-like building - it is strange because it is the only place I lived on my own in terms of single renting for about ten years on and off, I guess because it was only twenty to twenty-five dollars a week even in 1989).

Somehow, this seems very unusual even now. It is almost as if, even though I had not lived there since the late 1980s, I still owe all that back rent due to being there subconsciously all these years. It sounds quite strange, I know, but may be resolved one day. I can think of no other “explanation”.

My wife goes out into the hallway and yells at someone to turn their radio down. This is quite a bold act for her and she actually does it twice, and amazingly enough, the annoying loud music stops. It seems to be coming from outside to the west, though, rather than in our building.

Later in the dream, I go downstairs and notice that the door to the owners’ residence is open. They were a main promoter of Watkins products in real life (based in Winona, Minnesota) and it looks like a group of people are there for advice or pricing information. I think about my careful approach to talk about somehow paying the rent I supposedly owe (it seems in the dream that I had never paid any, which is a tad ridiculous). As usual, the landlady is extraordinarily sarcastic (even though in real life, she had actually offered me the chance to live there without paying rent, which I never took her up on). I ask her if there is any way that I could work for her and she talks about finding certain minerals - which apparently are only found in the Arctic regions (or North Pole, even though it is mostly ocean in reality compared to Antarctica).

My wife and I are soon outside. I become semi-lucid. A few other (unknown) people are following us, as I just decide to rise in the air and fly north. My wife is able to fly on her own to my right. We are greatly enjoying ourselves for the most part. However, the other people following us are really annoying and “violating our space” so I knock two of them back to the ground. This is actually a rarer dream where “normal” people can also supposedly fly.

We reach the Arctic regions fairly quickly and it seems quite beautiful. The idea of finding the special rare minerals seems to take a backseat to other ideas. The cold air, ice, and water are thrilling and the dream becomes even more vivid. I notice an open area that is like a larger river of sorts with ice floes here and there. In the water more to my left are a few smaller schools of fish. A regular event occurs which we watch several times. The smaller fish are “trapped” in a small but mobile whirlpool-like area that acts as such for a few minutes in a particular location, where a northern pike (the detail quite clear and correct in terms of imagery) rises up from the water, eating all or almost all of the fish each time. In afterthought, there is a play on “Great Northern”, which is a familiar link to the "Great Northern Railway" as related to or symbolizing the Source. This seems to be saying that “normal” people can not follow the “train of thought” (or see outside their own path or “trap”) regarding the real meaning of dreaming and thus are consumed by the Source perhaps without even being aware of the Source at all (the evidence of such which is virtually endless). This also seems related to the last dream of the same morning, which also featured a whirlpool (in the large glass of coffee aboard Skylab).

In both dreams, I am outside the whirlpool but still see it as beautiful and like a “portal” into infinity.
In one, the smaller “herd-mentality” fish (or symbolically “lemmings”?) are trapped and eaten by the northern pike in my “ideal dream environment”.
In the other, I am stirring the coffee (making the whirlpool) which is full of “dregs”. My role seems somewhat equivalent to that of the pike’s in the second dream.

Therefore, I may be able to conclude that in this case “small fish” equals “dregs” equals “ordinary” people who deny the Source where I may seemingly be a facet of the Source in the first dream as I become lucid. Interesting. Comparing it to my “Tornado!” dream of September 13, 1970, there seems to be an ongoing “force” that is now more harmonious (and far more “visible”) than when younger and it probably also relates to the implied “portal” of the blue flame or “Blue Pearl” event which started prenatally (and I certainly do not buy the idea that you “cannot” remember your childhood or perspective prior to birth - my most vivid memory is prenatal - perhaps because I was a month overdue or because of my NDE as a toddler).

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